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Ski resorts in New Zealand

New Zealand is an island nation with a tropical climate, but despite this on its territory, there are several ski resorts. New Zealanders are naturally adventurous and risk-averse, so many extreme sports originated here. 

Ski resorts in New Zealand offer a great opportunity to combine two, absolutely polar, types of recreation. Add to that the beautiful nature, mild climate and excellent service and you know that New Zealand is a must-see destination. The skiing season in New Zealand begins in June and ends in October. Local slopes are free of vegetation, and the number of tourists wishing to ski is much less than in popular European and American resorts. However, well-developed infrastructure, a high level of service and tracks for all tastes make New Zealand ski resorts more and more popular.

Fakapapa resort

New Zealand’s largest ski resort is located on the western slope of Ruapehu. Forty trails of varying difficulty levels are served by twenty elevators.

Manganui Ski Field

This ski station is located on the east side of Taranaki Mountain, on the west coast of Te Ika a Maui (North Island). The skiing season is from June to September, coinciding with the beach season, which falls in September and October. The place attracts tourists with its picturesque nature, developed infrastructure and comfortable, modern slopes.

Rainbow Ski Erie and Mount Lyford Ski Raid

Rainbow Ski Erie is a hundred kilometres from Blenheim. Drive another 60 kilometres to another New Zealand ski resort, Mount Lyford-Ski Raid. More than three dozen trails are designed for both professional skiers and beginners. Complementing the service are hotels, restaurants, bars, an ice rink, and a golf course.

Temple Basin Ski Area

On the territory of Arthurs Pass National Park in New Zealand is located another ski resort, a Temple Basin Ski Area. The slopes here are designed for freestyle, snowboarding, and alpine skiing. The highest point of this ski resort is 1753 meters above sea level, and the elevation difference is more than 400 meters.

Craigieburn Valley Ski Area

A hundred and forty kilometres from Christchurch is Craigieburn ski resort. You shouldn’t try these steep slopes for beginners, but intermediate skiers will love them.

Hutt Ski Resort

Hutt ski centre, located 124 kilometres from Kreischert, is rightfully considered the most fashionable among the ski resorts of New Zealand. Twenty slopes with varying degrees of complexity are served by ten elevators. The skiing season lasts from May to mid-October. The town of Kingston, on South Island, concentrated most of the ski bases. The most popular are Coronet Peak, Cohn, Wairau Nordic, and Cardrona.

But what makes ski resorts in New Zealand so great? Getting there is already half the fun. The 24-hour journey may throw your biological clock off thoroughly and permanently. However, flying over New Zealand and landing in Auckland is an unforgettable experience. On a clear day you can see the Valley of Volcanoes on the North Island, the jagged snow peaks of the Southern Alps and the most diverse landscapes: Mount Cook, the highest point of New Zealand with its glaciers, the rain forests of the West Coast, boundless grasslands and deserts, white beaches of the ocean coast, breathtaking beauty of Lake Huacatipu Valley and other natural wonders that God managed to combine in one place.                                                                                          So, the trip to New Zealand can be a great journey, if you would like to enjoy both sports and beautiful landscapes, it’s a surprise to many that New Zealand has mountains, let alone world regions for freeride and serious big mountains. Record snowfalls here can’t compete with British Columbia, and the slopes don’t have as much snow as the glaciers of Europe, but if you’re lucky, you’ll find New Zealand’s great powder like nowhere else in the world.

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