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10 Places To See With Your Own Eyes In New Zealand

Regardless of how well you plan your trip to New Zealand, the desire to see everything will drive you once you arrive in the Land of the Long White Cloud and open a road atlas or a large map for the first time.

But for the whole country, most likely, neither vacation nor money will be enough. Especially for students who have little time and money to travel. But if you can earn money, then where can you find the time if you need to study? A good and proven option is to use services that help students with homework. You can pay for essay and a professional writer will write a work of any complexity for you in a short period of time.

So in this article, we will tell you what places are realistic to see in 16 days and on a limited budget. All of them are Must see even for the locals.

So, where to go in New Zealand:

  1. The northernmost point is Cape Reinga. From the west, the Tasman Sea’s sparkling waters flow into the Pacific Ocean’s darkness from the east. The locals describe this beauty as a blend of male and female.
  2. The beaches of the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean offer boundless sandy openings to the ocean on the one hand and forceful waves on the other. In fact, you’ll be able to swim every day of your trip in the ocean, sea, lake, or river, however, the water temperature in the north is ideal for swimming. If you go swimming in the Reinga area, you can dip into the ocean without getting wet from the seawaters and notice a significant difference.
  3. Sand dunes and a 90-mile beach (North Island). Make sure to rent a sandboard while you’re here. Fantastic lunar scenery, wind-whipped sand, and a surreal view of the sky-blue sea.
  4. Orakei Korako Geyser Park. The Hidden Valley of Orakei Korako Cave and Thermal Park is located on the Waikato River between Taupo and Rotorua (Lake Ohakuri). It is both breathtaking in its splendor and spine-chilling in the power of its unrestrained subterranean strength since it is off the main route. A short boat ride across the peaceful Lake Ohakuri takes you to Orakei Korako.
  5. Rotorua (North Island) and Te Anau (South Island) Lakes. There are many lakes in New Zealand. The majority of them formed in volcano craters. However, the water in these two places has absolutely fantastic color. And because the areas surrounding these lakes are often well-kept, taking a day trip there and slowing down your pace is especially valuable.
  6. City of Christchurch, Northwest South Island. This city was badly destroyed in 2011 by two earthquakes, people died, and historical buildings were badly damaged. But most importantly, many commercial skyscrapers built here collapsed (the local population mainly builds 1-2 storey buildings, and international corporations have begun to sculpt 10-20 storey buildings). Christchurch is an example of how the pursuit of commercial gain, without regard to the natural features of the territory, can lead to disaster.
  7. Milford Sound National Park. The fjords may be reached by car, which will take you further and higher into the mountains, enthralling and terrifying you with gigantic waterfalls, tunnels through rock blocks, and gloomy clouds “devouring” roads and cars in the dark. The fjords themselves leave a lasting impression on tourists. The only way to get close to them is to take a ferry, which costs money and takes all day.
  8. The outskirts of Queenstown. There will be fabulous plains with thousands of sheep, rolling hills like in The Lord of the Rings, lakes, and mighty mountains appearing on the horizon.
  9. Franz Josef Glaciers. Imagine, only yesterday you were standing on the shore of a mirror lake, and your nose burned with the sun, and this morning your feet trampled the glacier. You can get to the top of it by helicopter (you can reserve a tour in the nearest village, but it is not a cheap pleasure) or you can do it on your feet, in a group, with “cat” fixings on your boots. It will not, however, be an excursion, but rather a guided hike.
  10. And, finally, the southernmost point is the city of Bluff. This is a little port town. Standing here, though, you realize that there are only a few little islands and Antarctica. You’ve reached the edge of the earth. It’s a wonderful experience.