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How Online Casinos Use Bonuses to Attract Players

Bonus campaigns and promotions wherever you look, this is the picture that is presented to all online casino visitors in the world these days. The various platforms seem to want to outbid each other with better and better offers.

While this brings with it a particularly large number of bonus opportunities and often also a particularly large number of reasons to be happy, it sometimes seems almost a bit implausible. A 500% first deposit bonus? Just playing the best slots for free? Receive special prizes from lottery draws without buying tickets beforehand?

Here’s how online casinos really use bonuses to attract players.

The Bonus Advantage for Casinos

Most players think primarily about what benefits they themselves can draw from a special promotion, like that 500 bonus casino. Rightly so, because after all, promotions can lead to attractive winnings.

However, not only the players themselves derive a benefit from such casino special promotions. The bonus money and the free spins are of course not simply awarded to the players by the platform out of goodwill.

Customer Acquisition

The acquisition of new customers is a central element of every company, especially of every newly founded company. But how exactly is customer acquisition related to bonus promotions in the casino?

Most bonuses are awarded in the virtual gaming world for new customers of a platform in the course of registration or the first deposit of money. Since the number of platforms on the Internet is constantly increasing, there is more and more competition between the providers.

With the help of attractive new customer promotions, they try to stand out from the crowd and motivate customers to visit the casino quickly and easily.

Customer Loyalty

While the initial sign-up 500% deposit bonuses are one of the biggest hurdles in the gaming world, it is far from all that is required for a platform to be successful. First-time visitors must also be kept as customers for a longer period of time so that a constant stream of income can be generated for the casino.

Therefore, casinos offer so-called loyalty point systems or bonus campaigns for existing customers. They encourage the player to stay on the site and continue playing even after the first bonus has been received and used.

Present New Games, Push Unpopular Games

Another and very practical reason for online gambling sites to offer bonus promotions are based on promoting awareness of games. Since the game on which the bonus gets awarded is determined by the casino, the opportunity arises for the provider to promote certain games.

On the one hand, this can be useful for increasing participation in games that are hardly known or less popular. On the other hand, free spins promotions can attract special attention if the free spins are for games that are new, particularly interesting, or hotly anticipated among fans.

Customer Selection

Depending on the business strategy, sites can be interested in a different clientele. Through the bonus promotions provided, the casino can carry out a pre-selection and increasingly address a certain type among the casino visitors.

The easiest way to illustrate this is by looking at loyalty systems.