1. I absolutely love your blog. I have read all of the articles posted as of 1/19/2012. I also subscribed and can’t wait to read new posts. Thanks for making the Internet a better place!

    2. Oh wow, I fell in love with your blog immediately! Definitely an interesting read, thank you πŸ™‚

    3. Love the blog, reminds me of the mostly inactive I have a feeling if you keep at it, you will reach its cult status soon πŸ™‚

      All the best ma man .. and stay inquisitive.

    4. A friend sent me the link about the bodies on Everest. I’ve been addicted for months now. Thanks for putting these together πŸ™‚

    5. An epic site my friend well done and thank you on behalf of the countless thousands that have no doubt spent as long as I have in awe of those amazing facts. Please do keep it up, if ever you’re in the UK I’ll buy you a beer πŸ˜€ cheers!!

    6. Hey, I just love your blog! I too’ve spent hours reading through all the posts. When are you writing more? Greetings from Slovenia!

      • Thank you Primo, hello in Slovenia! I try to publish as fast as time allows, these days it looks like I’m able to do about 3-4 posts per month, give or take. Thanks for stopping by. πŸ™‚

    7. This is so fascinating! I truly can’t believe it has only 420 followers! I originally saw it through a link to the Kowloon City article. Thank you!

    8. Hi there, just wondered if you guys know about the abandoned hospital in Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa, there are many conspiracies and mysteries surrounding its abandonment. Love this site!

    9. I dont know who you are but you have some of the best articles I have ever read. THANK YOU. I have shared your work on my FB page. Your work and effort is epic! Great job! I have spent many hours going over every one of your articles. Just want you to know that your work is appreciated. Perfect! BTW I am from the Eastern shore of Md and the Hollands island article is how I discovered your work. Great job. I have been to Hollands Islea few times in the 80s-90s and if you look at the satellites (google) you can still see the old baseball field south on the island. Thanks again.. JVC. AWESOME !!! Thank you again.

      • Wow Jerry, thanks for the feedback! Hearing such glowing praise makes me blush, I’m glad my blog has been entertaining for you. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment, the Holland post is one of my favorites – a great story with a sad ending. It was a pleasure to research and write that one. I appreciate you sharing the stories as well. Take care!

    10. i was born at 504 west park st. watched a working strip mine in my back yard as a kid. going up there tomorrow.

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      • Thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment, Marlane. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the feedback – it lets me know someone out there is enjoying reading this! Thanks again! πŸ™‚

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      Got to love all the stories and material you have gathered here. Fun reading as well as educating. Very well done SI!

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    23. Just read with great interest the article regarding Hart Island [Sept. 20, 2014] – “Buried from the public: Hart Island, New York”. First, I’m thrilled that at long last the Island is receiving recognition and steps are being taken for its resurrection – I thank you for your in-depth reporting. Second, and most disturbing to me: why is it no one from the press wants to speak to me regarding Hart Island and my connection, or worse yet, why is it no one knows the name John S. Turner, my brother, an Honorably Discharged Air Force Veteran whose untimely and suspicous death, and hasty burial on Hart Island, served as the nudge for City Council Officials to explore Hart Island for the first time in 20 years, some Members who had never even heard of the Island.? After all, it was my dogged pursuit of Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley, and our visit to Hart Island in November 2011, that lit the fire under her to bring change for the Island. My beloved brother, John, who’s been buried there since 1972, was the reason for my persistence and if it weren’t for his story, Councilwoman Crowley would not have been so moved to do something. And still my brother, or his story, is nowhere to be read. And since when is the media [apparently]dictated by one person? I am not a person with clout nor do I have a recognizable “name”, I don’t know the right people, I can’t afford lawyers to represent me or John’s memory. I’m just a sister of a brother who did not deserve to go out the way he did and does not deserve to be continously ignored. It was his story, told through me, that commanded a meeting with City Council members in November 2011, as well as with Department of Corrections personnel, including Riker’s Warden Gregory McLaughlin. And why is it that the DOC is not being held accountable for losing my brother – shoddy record keeping took care of that – so there is no way I can even have a bone so I may give him a proper military burial? There are many many stories of the Island and its inhabitants, and there ARE those who are fighting for the Island, for their loved one, and it has nothing to do with record keeping. It has to do with human decency, respect and NYC history. Where are those stories? Breaks my heart a million times over that no one knows about my brother John and what HE, alone, did for this Island – his final unchosen resting place – thus far. Thank you for your time.

      • Julie, thanks for the comment. I certainly understand your concerns and frustrations with the search for your brother and his apparent lack of legacy within the context of that story. Our post about Hart Island was a historical account of the island, not meant to be a comprehensive biography of the battle with NYC. In that regard, there is a lot of information I “left out” in that issue. That is another story unto itself and something others have covered exhaustively already on the Internet.

        But I wish you luck on your search and will leave your comments up for others searching on the topic to uncover. I hope you find peace on the matter with your brother John, good luck. Thanks for stopping by.

    24. Could anyone envision Witley Court restored back to it former glory as a 5-Star Hotel and museum? Afterall, Castle Howard suffered a similar fire damage that was even worse than Witley Court. And yet, Castle Howard is full re-roof and being restored back to it former glory. Why can’t Witley Court follow in Castle Howard’s footsteps? I would love to see Witley Court serve as a monument to Sir Winston Spensor-Churchill and his family, which would be linked to Blenheim Palace.

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      • Oh Christian, bless your heart. πŸ™‚
        Life has been keeping us busy for a bit, but truth be told I have been working with several photographers on a couple of stories that are currently in progress at various stages – things are just moving slower at the moment. Thanks for sticking around and checking on us, means a lot. More coming soon, hopefully before the end of this month (fingers crossed). Cheers, and thanks for the comment!

    27. Hey there, I’m a long time reader. I can’t even recall how I randomly came across your blog in the past, however I thought it would be cool if you did some simple story boarding for a podcast. These are really interesting articles that relate to modern architecture and the articles are very well written.

    28. Love your posts! History is so important, especially now when history is being erased! Keep researching and posting THIS history! Thanks so much!

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