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How to choose a stylish woman’s coat for spring

We have been having a bad winter without warm and comfortable weather in recent weeks, but spring is just around the corner, which means that it is time to take a closer look at coats from new spring collections that have already started to appear in stores. 

When choosing a coat in the first place you should pay attention to the cut, which should be voluminous. A loose coat looks urgent, and this is the main trend in outerwear for several seasons. A coat of this cut is not going to fold accentuating what it should not accentuate, it does not press, allowing feeling relaxed, and most importantly, it can be easily insulated simply by wearing a thin down jacket. You will look great in this coat in any situation you are in – you can go to the arts centre, shopping mall or enjoy gambling on PlayAmo with PlayAmo login everywhere you are.

Take a look at the wool coats

The composition of the fabric from which the coat is made must be as natural as possible. 100% wool will warm better than any synthetic analogue, and also it will keep a presentable appearance longer and will not roll up. However, most clothing manufacturers sew coats from fabrics that include a small percentage of synthetic fibres – polyester or viscose. This is done to ensure that the thing was more durable, better-holding shape, and does not so absorb moisture. The optimum ratio is 80% wool and 20% of synthetic fibres, if the synthetic fibre is 30% or more, the feel and appearance of the thing will be more synthetic, than natural.

At the beginning of spring, when stable warm weather has not yet been established, it is worth choosing long coats that will provide maximum protection from the cold. Classical double-breasted or trench coats are basic models that go well with strict suits and dresses as well as with relaxed looks with jeans and even jersey suits, allowing you to experiment with mixing different styles. 

Coats with a dropped shoulder line as well as cocoon coats will help create a maximum relaxed image. You can wear such coats with anything: from mom jeans and boots Dr Martens with laces, to flying dresses with high jockey boots.

Original and at the same time universal option would be a wool trench coat. Midi length, accents in the form of shoulder straps and a belt at the waist will visually make the silhouette higher and slimmer.

Despite the constantly changing trends in fashion, the plaid coat remains one of the most versatile options, time has no power over it. It can be combined with a huge number of clothing in different styles. Keep in mind that a coat with a small and not contrasting check visually stretches the silhouette, while a variant with a large and contrasting expands it.

If in autumn store shelves were flooded with jacket-shirts, for the next spring season there are also coat-shirts. Voluminous pockets on the chest, big buttons, and a detachable belt for such a coat will be great touches to create an ultra-fashionable casual spring look.