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Auckland SkyCity Casino: History of the Biggest Casino in New Zealand

Auckland is the most urban area of the North Island. It’s a bustling metropolitan city, where New Zealanders and tourists from all over the world go to have fun. One of the most popular entertainment hubs is Skycity Auckland, located in the central district of the city. Those who enjoy playing roulette, slot machines, table games, or card games and just love gambling entertainment in general, go to Auckland SkyCity Casino. This is also the biggest gambling resort in the whole of New Zealand, and here we will go over its history and significance for kiwis.

SkyCity Casino History

This kiwi casino is a part of the Sky Tower, a giant resort that was completed in 1997. There were many New Zealand casinos at that time and this was in fact the second one ever built in the whole country. Today this complex provides over 2000 jobs and generates over NZD$ 650 million in revenue. The casino has also seen an increase in income ever since  SkyCity online gambling options became available.

New Zealanders love to gamble both online and offline, and they enjoy playing slot machines or pokies, roulette, card games, etc. They even play on sites that are owned by foreign companies because these are some of the fastest payout online casino NZ sites that offer great bonuses, instant withdrawals, and have minimum deposit requirements. However, even these top paying online casino NZ platforms cannot provide as spectacular of an experience as SkyCity. So if you enjoy playing on fast payout online casino websites, then make sure you check out SkyCity both online and if possible visit it physically.

SkyCity Casino Games

This is a massive resort and a gaming hub at the same time. They have lots of options, especially for those who enjoy pokies and jackpot games. Here is the overview of their gaming setup:

  • Gaming machines – There are over 2100 slots or pokies games that accept minimum wagers.
  • Baccarat – There is a room on the 3rd floor with 20 tables for baccarat and it feels really exclusive.
  • Poker – Fans of poker can enjoy regular or classic versions, Texas Hold’Em, 3 Card Poker, Caribbean Stud, and Lunar Poker. They can even participate in tournaments.
  • Blackjack – There are tables for regular, Blackjack Ante, and Blackjack Plus.

In addition to these SkyCity casino games, there are rooms for VIP table gaming experiences and platinum gaming machines.  Kiwis who are regulars and want to have perks like a secured parking spot, often become members of this VIP club. The online version of SkyCity will probably have a VIP program that features different bonuses and free spins.

Challenging Periods in SkyCity Auckland

It’s also worth pointing out that its parent company Skycity Entertainment Group wasn’t performing so well in 2007. As a result, around 230 people lost their jobs at Auckland resort. Another turbulent period happened recently in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this crisis over 700 people lost their jobs, and if you add another 200 from a few months prior that is nearly 1000 employees less. Meaning they nearly let go half of the entire staff.

In 2019 the roof of the convention center was engulfed in flames. The fire lasted for two days, and it was decided that the roof would be sacrificed in order to save all of the lower levels of the center. At this time Australia has also seen a massive increase in wildfires, so it was a challenging year for everyone in this region. Luckily those days are now behind, and guests are once again visiting and dining in the Sky Tower where they get to enjoy the 360-degree view of Auckland.


So, if you ever dreamed of visiting New Zealand, and didn’t know where to stay, then pick Auckland. The surrounding nature and vistas will tickle your imagination and inspire you to explore the great outdoors. SkyCity on the other hand will give you an amazing gaming experience, and some of the best kiwi cuisine, and it’s also a perfect place to do your shopping. Hopefully, you will have an unforgettable stay if you ever decide to visit, and best of luck on those top-notch pokies machines.