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Betting apps that allow you to live stream horse racing

A few short years ago, the concept of being able to live stream racing – or indeed any sporting event – on a betting app was little more than a fantasy. Nowadays, it’s commonplace, with many if not most major betting sites providing a live streaming services for their customers. The specifics surrounding these services vary from bookmaker to bookmaker; some offer just one or two relatively minor sports, others allow you to watch major sporting events, some enable you to stream exclusively racing channels, while others still provide a combination of these. Horse racing is undoubtedly, however, one of the most common things available to stream. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best betting apps with live streaming of horse racing.


Bet365 is one of the biggest sports betting companies in the world, having been founded way back in 2000. Since then they’ve developed a huge customer base for a number of reasons, including their extremely broad range of markets on a wide variety of sports, excellent odds for both sports and racing, easy to use website, as well as their high-quality mobile app and the ability to live stream both racing and sports on the website and app.

The app itself is for the most part one of the best going around. In fact, according to Bettingtop10.com/au/, the best betting apps are PlayUp, Ladbrokes, and Bet365. It’s aesthetically pleasing and extremely easy to use, and the bookmaker has managed to squeeze a whole lot into a very small space without the app feeling too cluttered. This means it’s very easy to navigate around and perform the wide range of different functions available on the app, including, of course, live streaming.

The live streaming platform on Bet365 allows you to watch both select sports and racing live, but for the purpose of this article we’ll focus on the latter. On the Bet365 app, you can live stream a host of different racing events depending on where you are in the world. Select international races are available, while if you’re in Australia for example you’ll also be able to tune into the local meets with ease on your mobile phone.

In order to watch live racing events on your Bet365 apps, there are a couple of criteria that you have to fulfill. You do, of course, have to be signed up as a customer with the bookmaker, but you also need to have either money in your account, or to have placed a bet with Bet365 in the last 24 hours. If you’ve ticked these boxes, then you can tune into live racing from around the world from the comfort of your phone with one of the world’s biggest bookies.


Like Bet365, Unibet has been a staple of the betting industry for many years, having been established way back in 1997. Incidentally, it also shares many of the same qualities which have made Bet365 such a successful company over the years. Unibet boasts markets on a huge number of sports, and for each individual event they also have a massive range of different markets. What’s more, their odds are among the best in the industry, so for punters who value these features they are certainly among the top options.

As such a major player in the betting industry, they do of course also have a betting app. This app is not necessarily a strength of theirs in the same way that their odds and selection of markets is, but it’s a functional enough mobile platform and allows you to access the many other great features available with Unibet. And, what’s more, you can stream live sports as well as plenty of horse racing directly on your phone when you’re logged in on the app.

In fact, this bookmaker has one of the most comprehensive streaming services in the industry, showing a massive 165,000 different events over the course of the year, including horse racing from multiple countries around the globe. When combined with their many other great features, this makes Unibet one of the best bookmakers to live stream racing with.


Unlike the aforementioned two bookmakers, Texbet is one of the newer entrants to the betting industry. It was founded in just 2020, though the experience the founders have ensures that they have rapidly developed into a popular option for many punters. Among their best features are a quality website and decent odds, while TexBet TV, which allows you to stream live events directly on the website and mobile app, is another feature which helps to attract and retain customers.

It’s not all that common for such a new bookmaker to have a live streaming platform, particularly one as well-conceived as what TexBet offers. Often, there is a reasonably hefty correlation between how long a bookmaker has been around and how popular they are, and whether they offer a good selection of events to live stream – or any live streaming at all. After all, bookmakers with more money have a greater capacity to purchase broadcasting rights for bigger events. Texbet, however, bucks the trend, showcasing an impressive live streaming platform despite their relative infancy as a bookie.

TexBet TV doesn’t allow you to tune into any live sporting events, but there’s a good amount on offer from a racing perspective. You won’t find as many different meets as you might find with some of the bigger bookmakers like Bet365 and Unibet, but nonetheless you’ll have a good spread of local races available to you – something which can’t be said for many other relatively new bookmakers.

The fact that TexBet also has a high-quality app is another bonus in terms of streaming of racing. You can access TexBet TV directly on this app, meaning that all you need is your phone and a funded account to tune into local racing action with this bookie.


Like TexBet, Realbookie is one of the newer entrants into the Australian sports betting industry, and also like TexBet they have quickly developed a number of notable features which make them worth checking out. A solid website, good customer support platform and decent array of banking options are among them, but their app and the ability to live stream racing on it is the area which stands out the most prominently.

As mentioned already, such a young bookmaker already having a streaming platform is not overly common, but Realbookie has come through with the goods in this regard. Their selection of available races, however, is a little different to TexBet. Realbookie doesn’t offer live streaming of local Australian races, but they do provide footage of international races – something which is a little less common. This means that the streaming platform provides a major point of difference for Realbookie, and for followers of international racing this is a significant plus for the site.

Of course, without a decent mobile app there’s only so far that a streaming platform can take you on your phone, but fortunately Realbookie also delivers in this regard. Their mobile app is another one of their best features, offering an aesthetically pleasing interface and a platform which is easy to navigate. This means that as long as you’re a registered customer, all that you need is your phone and to have downloaded the Realbookie betting app, and you’ll be ready to watch all the international racing action that you could dream of.

Though live streaming on betting sites of horse racing is something which is becoming increasingly commonplace and is helping to revolutionise sports betting, there are still plenty of bookmakers which don’t have it available, and those which do offer it are still probably in the minority. And among those who do, not all of them have high-quality mobile apps available, something which makes it far more simple to tune into local and international racing action while on the go. The above four names perform in both of those two areas; each of them offers live horse racing from Australia, abroad or both, and enabling you to tune into the action on a quality mobile app which.