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The Best 2 Oz Silver Rounds Out There

Bullion coins and rounds are a fantastic option to invest in silver. The reason is very simple- they can be easily liquidated. However, a well-balanced portfolio must include both bullion rounds and sovereign coins. Understanding the difference between bullion coins and rounds is crucial for anyone investing in precious metals. The term “silver rounds” is used in the physical precious metal bullion sector to designate oval-shaped silver pieces that look similar to coins but are not officially legal tender produced by a sovereign government mint. This article will also discuss the benefits of investing in 2 oz silver rounds.

What Are Silver Rounds?

Rounds can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes, but no round can match the standards of a government-issued coin. Furthermore, a round is not a coin since it has no face value and cannot be considered money.

Private mints manufacture rounds. They are not designed for circulation and are not considered currency. Private mints can make their own coins with their own sizes and specifications. Their whole value is based on the precious metal content. Rounds are more cost-effective to purchase than coins. 2 oz silver rounds can be a pretty good deal when investing.

What Makes 2 Oz Silver Rounds Special?

1 oz silver bullion coins are the most common. However, 2 oz silver rounds offer a unique weight, lower premiums, more designs, and more availability. In addition, rounds can have any design because they aren’t meant for circulation. Instead, they 

honor significant events like the Olympics, revere antique coins like the Saint Gaudens Double Eagle, and even feature unique designs like the Pegasus and Silver Bull.

A noteworthy 2 oz silver bullion coin is issued from a leading sovereign mint, the Royal Mint of England. This is part of a finite 10-coin series. On the other hand, 2 oz silver rounds are frequently offered by several private mints as standalone releases or as an edition of ongoing series. Silver rounds don’t have a fixed mintage limit and have lower prices than silver bullion coins.

2 oz silver rounds that are part of limited collections are available for purchase, just like Silver coins. In addition, private mints and refineries provide collectible silver round collections in this special 2 oz silver weight to draw collectors to something a little different from the typical silver coin collection currently available. 2 oz rounds are available, a popular collectible silver round type.

Best 2 Oz Silver Round Collections

The American Silver Eagle is a popular example of a silver coin that is usually minted and sold separately. Private mints and refineries also issue 2 oz silver rounds separately as well. Some popular ones are- 

1) 2022 War Horse 2 oz Silver Round

The fifth edition in the “Awakening” series, this high relief 2 oz silver round is made of 2 troy ounces of.9999 pure silver. A large, imposing Trojan Horse is featured on the coin’s front. A cell phone lies beneath the horse’s feet, representing the tool we freely let control so much of our life. Binary code is in the background. On the upper right, it says “WAR HORSE .”The reverse is consistent throughout the series, with an interesting and dazzling pattern. A large symbol of eye-opening, representing “the collective public waking to evil and corruption,” appears at the start of The Awakening.

2) 2 oz Aztec Calendar Silver Round

The Calendar Stone is one of the most astoundingly well-preserved artifacts from the Aztec Empire. The Golden State Mint proudly presents this exquisite 2 oz Silver Aztec Calendar Round. This incredibly intricate design is a great reflection of Aztec culture and history. This Silver Aztec Calendar Round is made of.999 pure silver and weighs 2 Troy ounces. It has the ancient Aztec Calendar stone on the front, Cuauhtémoc, the final Emperor of Tenochtitlan, on the back, and an Aztec-style border with inscriptions.

3) 2 oz Eagle Silver Round 

Golden State Mint continues its 45-year legacy of manufacturing some of the industry’s outstanding bullion rounds and bars with the release of this breathtaking and finely detailed Eagle 2 oz Silver Round. This stunning Eagle 2 oz Silver Round is a must-have for all patriots! It has 2 Troy oz of.999 pure silver in it. Amazing Bald Eagle face artwork is featured on its front. A whole Bald Eagle with spread-out wings outshines the image. The American flag entirely covers the scene on the reverse. 

4) 2022 2 oz The Awakening: Ama-Gi Liberty Round

The High relief Awakening 2022 Ama-Gi Liberty 2 oz Silver Round contains two troy ounces of.9999 pure silver. The mintage is limited to 20,000 coins. The front features the Sumerian Ama-Gi symbol. The reverse is common to the series, with a big depiction of an eye-opening, indicative of “the collective people waking to evil and corruption.” Each round comes packaged in a mint-issued capsule.

Is Silver Rounds A Good Investment?

Compared to silver bullion coins,  2 oz silver rounds provide investors and collectors with better options for buying silver. Due to lower price premiums, long-term silver bullion investors generally prefer Silver Rounds over government-issued silver coins. Investment-wise, there isn’t much of a difference between rounds and coins. The only advantage is that rounds are less expensive and allow you to collect more metal for less money.


Whether you want to add something unique to your silver collection or are looking for a new investment option, 2 oz silver rounds are ideal for your portfolio. If you have any queries as you are considering buying silver, the customer care team at BOLD Precious Metals is here to help you.