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5 simple ways to move your car while relocating in Australia

Shifting to a new city or state can be strenuous, no matter how much preparation you take. The entire ordeal of packing box after box is no party. And things can get even more difficult if you want to shift your car too.

Fortunately, the Australian government has provided a lot of different options for the interstate relocation of vehicles. After all, Australia has one of the most mobile populations in the world.

About 368,700 Australians moved regionally in 2019-2020, which is even more reason to facilitate those bringing their cars.

So, if you’re also interested in how to move your car, this article will help you!

  1. Hitch your car to a moving truck

This is one of the most common ways of transporting your car interstate. This works great if you and your family will also be relocating by driving a truck from your current residence to where you wish to live.

You can hitch the car to the back of the truck using a tow dolly or a car carrier. However, make sure to first talk to the truck company since many companies may not allow additional equipment to be attached.

You should also discuss the cost that will come along with renting the machinery that will be used for towing. If you’re unsure how to proceed, you can always talk to a professional.

  1. Talk to a professional company

While it’s perfectly alright to take matters into your own hands when relocating your car, sometimes that can be difficult and costly.

Instead, try talking to a professional company that will walk you through the entire process and takes up the responsibility of moving your car.

Seek popular Interstate Car Transport services in your area. Make sure you read up in detail about the company and its services before booking an appointment so that you only get the best services.

  1. Drive the car yourself

Driving the car themselves can be a good option for people who wish to reduce as much moving costs as possible.

However, you’ll need to consider the distance between the state you’re living in and the state where you’ll move to.

Driving will be cost-effective if it’s a few hundred kilometers. But if you need to drive about a thousand kilometers, then it’s better to look for other alternatives.

In case you plan on driving your car, be mentally prepared that you might need to stop at several points throughout your journey, so stock up on snacks, water, and medical items.

  1. Ask someone to drive for you

This is another simple method of cutting down the transportation costs involved in moving your car interstate.

Someone can do it on your behalf if you can’t drive a car or don’t know how to drive. It can either be a family member or a trusted person in your social circle.

Many people even prefer to hire a professional driver from a driving agency, although that can lead to additional costs.

Ensure that the driver you pick has adequate experience in driving long distances. If you’re choosing a professional driver, check their credentials first.

  1. Choose between open or enclosed carriers

Open car carriers are a popular method of vehicle transportation. The company will be able to move a large number of cars together, which can significantly reduce your shipping costs.

But open carriers also involve risks, such as your car being exposed to extreme weather conditions or not being properly aligned on the carrier.

In this situation, you can choose closed car carriers. Your vehicle will be enclosed in a smaller space to save it from natural elements.

But the number of cars being carried will also be lesser, which means you might have to pay more.

Over to you…

Even though it might sound impossible, shifting your car interstate is an easy job.

However, as the car owner, you must ensure that your car passes all sorts of vehicle registration and customs procedures.

Ensure that all the documents are updated and kept properly in a folder. Otherwise, the entire procedure will become