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How to Distinguish Between an Amateur and an Expert Essay Writer

Collegegoers always hurry to meet academic demands and finish their assignments on time. Even the best students sometimes don’t have enough time for everything. Some of them cut time on sleep and meals to carve out extra study hours. Instead of depriving themselves of sleep and food, collegegoers can take a more productive route.

There are many essay writers ready to help with their paper problems. First-time clients of these individuals may choose unsuitable candidates for their work. Working with an amateur instead of a professional essay ai writer will set them back even further. There are several signs that help find out who you’re dealing with.

Proper Level of Expertise

First, take a look at the credentials of the writer in question. If possible, ask about their education, degrees, and other related information. A good writer will tell this information freely and will be knowledgeable enough to write about their field of study. For example, if you write a paper on politics, the writer should possess a diploma in political science.

Amateur writers almost never have relevant higher education. Most of their degrees are unrelated to your area of study. Such individuals have only surface knowledge of what they write about. Their papers are less detailed and precise. It takes one glance at their work and at an article written by a professional to see the difference.

To better locate a good candidate, have a small discussion about the paper. If the person doesn’t ask you about the theme of the essay to some extent, chances are they’re not that knowledgeable in that area.

Attention to Detail

Another factor distinguishing mediocre writers from great ones is their attention to detail. A good writer tries their best to tailor a piece of work to the client. You can talk to them about any ideas for the paper or make suggestions for its current version. Such writers work for as long as it takes until the assignment is perfect.

Amateur authors just want to finish the task and jump to the next one. They have no concern for the client’s needs and lament when asked to edit the document. Such people often don’t have the expertise to rewrite the text efficiently and keep its flow going. They are unwilling to work on a paper for a considerable amount of time.

This trait also concerns an individual’s ability to proofread the paper. Amateur writers sometimes forget to check their work for grammatical and punctuation mistakes. Not to mention ensuring that the paper is plagiarism-free. If the first draft doesn’t meet these criteria, you better find someone else to help you out.

Adherence to Academic Standards

Writing essays in college isn’t the same as doing it in high school. There are certain guidelines students must follow. For example, they use a certain style of citations and references. Additionally, these essays utilize sources provided by college professors. These aspects are just as important as proper structure and error-free text.

Great essay authors have the knowledge and skills to provide quality work to their clients. They can tailor papers based on the current university standards. Mediocre writers rarely take the time to find the right sources. Such individuals usually take information from the first place they locate on the web.

Examples of Previous Works

As is the case with many things, it’s best to see something instead of hearing about it. When looking for an essay helper, see if they provide examples of their work. If they work for several essay editing services, this information can be confidential. But there are ways to work around this restriction. You may ask around and find their previous clients.

Some of them might be your peers. If willing, these individuals may show texts received from the writer. Before making a decision, take a look at the quality of their work. This way, you’ll avoid collaborating with an underqualified individual. Freelance authors showcase their best works to serve as a marketing tool.

Some of them don’t publish samples of their writings. If you have doubts about their expertise, ask around. Maybe fellow students have experience working with them. One may also browse their social media pages in search of testimonials. The bottom line is that you don’t work with someone untrustworthy.

Available Reviews

To finalize your opinion about the author, check out their reviews. Amateur writers rarely allow others to evaluate their work. They leave only positive feedback or close the comment section altogether. Great writers proudly display testimonials from previous clients.

They don’t shy away from criticism and negative reviews. This policy is a great signal that the person you want to work with is a professional. Avoid those with little to no testimonials and a lack of items in their portfolio. You’ll save a lot of time and money.

Professional Integrity

The main trait that sets pro and amateur authors apart is their professional honesty. They never disclose their agreements with third parties. A professional writer also keeps the contents of ordered papers secret. They don’t reuse previous work and sell it as original. Each essay is one-of-a-kind. Amateurs sometimes cut corners and reuse articles.

They may go as far as using an essay help platform to do the work for them. Of course, such incidents aren’t as widespread, but there have been cases of this fraudulent activity. So, the next time you look for an Dissertation Writers for Hire, ensure that their integrity is intact.

Final Thoughts

Relying on others is never easy, especially when it comes to your academic success. Use this article as a guide to separate the pro writers from the amateur ones and enjoy the outcomes!