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Makeup tips every beginner must know.

Are you into makeup? Or maybe you love seeing people put on makeup and do hacks. You want to use these hacks, but it isn’t possible because you are new to makeup. As a newbie, makeup can seem intimidating and challenging. And it is challenging to some extent. But once you get the hang of it, doing any makeup will come naturally. A newbie to the makeup world should start by watching tutorials or even taking a class. Also, they should keep practicing tips and hacks to be better at makeup. Want to learn these hacks and tips? Try the ones mentioned below.

Remember, the foundation comes before concealer.

A few people use concealer before foundation. But to enjoy the best result, put foundation before concealer. The reason is that when you start with a foundation, you minimize discoloration or redness. It provides a smooth base for all the other products you will apply. Thus, when you do apply the concealer after this, it is only for spot treatment. You may use it to cover up a zit or undereye lines. Using foundation before concealer ensures no creases or caking on the face.

Be careful when buying makeup online.

To be a makeup expert, you need the right products. People may buy makeup online. It is convenient, and you can buy brands unavailable in stores. To ensure you buy the right makeup online, follow these tips.

  • Know your skin type when buying makeup. Buying a heavyweight foundation that accentuates the dry patches isn’t the right step if you have dry skin. You need makeup that blends with ease and beautifies your features.
  • Try on lipstick, too, using the virtual try-on option. Otherwise, you may end up with lipstick different from your desired color.
  • Research the ingredients. You don’t want to buy makeup loaded with carcinogenic or comedogenic chemicals. Opt for toxin-free products or ones with fewer chemicals.
  • Read the reviews. They help you understand whether the product is worth investing in or not.

Get familiar with makeup tools.

No matter how expensive or impressive your makeup is. It will not yield incredible results if you use the incorrect tools. Makeup applicators are known as the holy grail, and rightly so. If you use the wrong sponge or makeup brush, the makeup will look bad. So, learning how to do makeup isn’t enough. Also, learn the difference between using the right makeup brushes, sponges, blenders, and more.

Use blush when you are in a hurry.

Don’t have time for a full face of makeup? Or don’t know how to use foundation, concealer, or contouring yet? Don’t worry. Using blush is enough to lighten up your face. Find a great blush, like the Rare Blush by Selena Gomez that matches your shade. It will give you a dewy look. You can also use it on your eyelids. Finally, match it with lipstick in the same shade. With this, you will have a dewy, shimmery look without doing the whole routine.

Always use a lip liner first.

A tip to always consider is to put lip liner on first and then lipstick. You apply the lip liner to the perimeters of the lips. It adds definition and shape to the lips. It also ensures the lipstick doesn’t smudge or bleed. Carefully apply the liner. Then use the same tool or your favorite lipstick or gloss to fill the space.

Know the skincare basics.

To have the best makeup effects, having a skincare routine is necessary. Without a flawless skincare routine, makeup will lead to acne, breakouts, and more. Thus:

  • Always use an SPF to reduce the chances of pigmentation or blemishes.
  • Use a moisturizer to keep the skin barrier healthy.
  • Use serums for spot treatment. For instance, Vitamin C for pigmentation or kojic acid 2% for blemishes or acne marks.
  • Never pile on makeup when your skin needs to breathe. If you have severe acne issues, let the skin breathe. Makeup on that will not look smooth. Also, it will lead to more skin issues.

Makeup accentuates your natural features. It also provides confidence to many girls. Use makeup correctly by learning the basics and following these tips.