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What Role does Packaging Play in Your Brand

How many times have you purchased a product based on its packaging? No doubt, many. Although we are told not to judge a book by its cover, first impressions matter regarding packaging. This is because most people will associate the packaging with the brand.

Many business owners do not consider how packaging can impact their marketing business and often settle for cheap non-branded packaging. Take your business to the next level by upgrading your brand’s packaging and design.

What Role Does Packaging Play in Your Business?

Not many people acknowledge the role of packaging in a business and end up missing many business opportunities. These are some of the benefits of product packaging.

Offers Product Protection

Product packaging helps protect your products from damage. During transit, many things can happen, and if you don’t have your products packaged well, you will incur losses from the damage.

Your packaging also protects your products from moisture, heat, light, and other external factors that could lead to damage. In an era where online shopping is the in-thing, you need to minimize your losses as much as possible. That’s why it’s essential to design a product packaging that suits your product.

Provides Safety Precautions

Product packaging also helps keep the products and consumers safe. For instance, manufacturers are advised to include product information and safety precautions on the packaging. For example, when dealing with food products, it’s advisable to include the expiry date, ingredients used, and usage guidelines.

And if you are transporting harmful substances, such as chemicals, people will know how to avoid contamination by wearing protective clothing before opening the packaging. This will help you avoid being sued or facing customer complaints.

Point Of Attraction

We all love good things, and when you see attractive packaging, you’ll be tempted to check it out. So if you want to capture the attention of new customers, you’d better invest in a beautiful product packaging design and color.

A beautiful design makes people want to buy your products because they believe they must be stunning too. Therefore, consider hiring a designer for a professional design. Don’t worry about the cost as you’ll recoup it in no time.

Good for Marketing

Product packaging is an excellent marketing strategy. So, ensure that your packaging incorporates your business colors, logo, font, and images. You can also include a catchy slogan bound to pique their interest, a QR code, as it makes it easy to access your website.

Humans love free things, so ask them to sign up for discounts, and don’t forget to include your contact information and address if you have a physical outlet. You can include this information in your packaging using customizable packing tape.

Helps Your Business Stand Out

Product packaging helps differentiate your brand from other companies offering the same services as you. This is especially important for small businesses as it creates a space for them in the market. So, if you are running a jewelry business, aim to create unique and attractive packaging.

This will give you a competitive edge in the marketplace and make it easy for people to identify your brand, among others. Incorporate colors, fonts, and shapes creatively to create an innovative design. Don’t shy away from hiring a design expert.

Promotes Your Brand Identity

Every business must strive to create a brand identity. And to develop a distinctive brand identity, you must develop an innovative and superb product packaging design. Your brand aesthetic is what captures people’s attention and inspires them to remember. The features people use to identify your business in the market include logos and colors.

When designing, consider ways through which people interact with your business. If you have both physical and an eCommerce outlet, you must also ensure that your storefront has your brand colors and logo.

When designing product packaging, you must ensure that your customers and prospective consumers can tell what product you are selling and what it does. It should also honestly represent your products. You can include pictures on the packaging. Ensure your packaging is versatile, such that it can be used to package other products because you don’t know what the future holds.

Has Multiple Uses

Let your packaging be user-friendly. Don’t design complicated packaging that will give your consumer a hard time opening. You can design several and carry out a consumer survey on which packaging is most preferred.

The most important tip is to use easy packaging to open, close, and store away after usage. It would be better if your clients could use the packaging to do other things at home.

For instance, if you are selling jam, customers can use jars for refilling or storing other kitchen items such as spices. People are currently pro products that use reusable packaging.


There is a craze of people preferring to use eco-friendly products, from clothing, shoes, and bags. Using sustainable packaging helps reduce your brand’s carbon footprint and puts your business on the radar of eco-conscious consumers.

It also makes it easy for people to reuse and recycle the packaging.

Helps You Save Money

Using branded packaging will place you on the radar of other buyers. For instance, let’s say someone buys your product, loves the packaging, and decides to do their unboxing on social media. This garners you more viewers who may also be attracted to your products. You don’t need to spend money on advertising because your packaging does it for you. Thus, more sales.

Final Thoughts

In business, having the right product doesn’t guarantee success; you must strategize how to place your products and services in the market. Product packaging is crucial in your business as it helps you get recognition and establishes your brand identity.

Customized packaging provides consumers with information regarding the products and your company, keeping them safe from dangers while offering them a way to contact you.