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The role of aesthetics in brand communication

In an era dominated by visual communication, expressed mainly through images, everything we publish online will be judged first and foremost from an aesthetic point of view. It is certainly no mystery that in most cases, in the very first moments of interaction between the user and the content, what strikes the eye is the graphic power of what one is looking at, the visual impact that one draws from contemplating – be it short or long – the post, image or video that we have published. That’s right, in those moments the appearance of the post matters considerably more than its content. The conceptual and grammatical analysis of what accompanies the graphic elements, such as the copy of the post or the message conveyed by the video or image in question, always takes place at a later stage, when our brain has already partially processed the simplest and most immediate information to be digested, i.e. the exquisitely visual ones. One could go so far as to say that the user’s attention, if not first captured by the visual quality of the image (or video), will almost inevitably move on, focusing on the next post or content. The creation of quality content for social media like Facebook is undoubtedly crucial, indeed decisive for the success of a social strategy, but if it is not supported – or rather, anticipated – by the concomitant presence of a captivating and exciting image, capable of attracting the attention of the beholder in a few moments, it will be essentially useless. Visual content, in this sense, should be understood as a sort of scaffolding that has the fundamental task of supporting everything else, such as textual content and that which cannot be immediately processed by people’s intellect.

The importance of graphic impact

This is especially important for the social profiles of companies and brands, whose performance will also depend to a large extent on the level of management of their social media pages. This is why, when drawing up an editorial plan, the necessary attention must be paid not only to the content aspect, but also, and above all, to the graphic appearance one wishes to give the page. This makes sense especially on a social media like Instagram, where the quality and attractiveness of the publications is almost as important as the effectiveness of what you put in your bio. Instagram profiles that are characterised by a certain colour consistency, which is especially evident in the latest photos published by the profile (those that are immediately visible), will be much more likely to stick in the mind of the viewer due to the aesthetic effect they have been able to generate. The content of the post, the one accessed by clicking on the photo, will necessarily take second place. We must ensure that we impress those who visit our page with photos that are chromatically complementary, or at least share the same colour tone.

The power of image

In principle, every post should have graphic content and a copy, or text content, which will convey the content of the communication message in written form. If you want to make the text of your post even more effective, even more appealing in the eyes of your audience, you must ensure that you accompany it with an image or video of great graphic power, so as to immediately capture the viewer’s attention and induce them to dwell also on the copy, on the written parts of the post that are more difficult to analyse.

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The eye always anticipates the mind. What we see with our eyes almost automatically directs us to the next step, silently adjusting our destinies.