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3 Things Scottsdale, AZ is famous for

The beautiful city of Scottsdale in Arizona is probably most known for golf, but we don’t want to state the obvious here, so we’ll focus your attention on some other things. 

From food to adventure, it’s not at all easy to take a pick of what to do or where to start when visiting Scottsdale, AZ. You might have trouble choosing the most significant sights to see, as there are so many. 

So, if you are on a short trip and only have limited time in Scottsdale, or if you have a hard time choosing what to see first, we selected for you 3 things the city is famous for and you absolutely shouldn’t miss. 

The McDowell Sonoran Preserve

At the famous Sonoran desert, you will find a permanently protected desert habitat, home to a large number of animals. It has a surface of 30,000 acres and it’s located on the eastern side of Scottsdale. 

Nature lovers will consider this place a paradise, even before they hear the entrance is free. Here you can enjoy hiking on one (or more, your choice) of the 11 trailheads. They vary in difficulty, so there’s something for every level of fitness and hiking experience. And each of them offers breathtaking views. 

Some of the trails are also perfect for mountain biking. And you can choose to hike (or bike) with a guide and hear about the wildlife that surrounds you as well as the state’s history. 

Old Town Scottsdale

Old Town Scottsdale, as the name suggests, is the historic heart of this city. It contains nine neighborhoods, all of which can be seen on foot. It’s the place where it all began, so it’s a great starting point and amazing eye candy for history lovers. 

It’s a great place for shopping as well, considering the famous Fifth avenue is here. Old Town is even the home of the best Scottsdale jewelry buyers and seasonally, farm markets and wine tastings can be enjoyed here too. Art lovers will enjoy it here as well, thanks to the galleries in the Arts District. 

As for the night life, Old Town is again the place to be. Just check out the Entertainment District. Make sure you also visit at least one of the amazing restaurants and one of the establishments inspired by the city’s past, like Rusty Spur Saloon. 

Taliesin West

Frank Lloyd Wright  was a legendary world famous architect. He fell in love with the Sonoran Desert, as most people do once they see it. That led to his decision to build his winter home here, right at the Arizona’s McDowell Mountain foothills. Today it’s a school of architecture and, maybe more importantly, a UNESCO cultural site.

A visitor here can join many different tours and learn about the architecture and the life of the genius. If you are not into this science, you might still enjoy learning about life in his time. You can even join a tour during which your host is a person who personally knew Frank Lloyd Wright. 

This is the only place on our list that requires a fee to enter, but we promise you it’s worth it. There are discounts for students and children, as usual. 

To conclude

Scottsdale has a lot to offer to all types of travelers. We believe that these 3 marvelous sights are the best representative of that. Each of them can offer a view to the state’s past as well as a glimpse of its unique nature.