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Crypto Evolving Beyond its Persona of a Mere Investment Vehicle

Despite anonymous Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto creating the cryptocurrency and its underpinning blockchain technology with the aim of bringing financial security to the masses, Bitcoin and its kin have instead become an investment vehicle for speculative betting. Investing is now the main activity associated with innovative tech, rather than it being used as a clear-cut, peer-to-peer payment system unburdened by central banks.

Still, amidst the headlines made by the rocketing prices, foretelling of the bubble bursting, and subsequently, the prices sinking, a loyal contingent has emerged in full support of crypto as it was intended to be used. Perhaps even more so, in fact, as crypto looks to be becoming an identity and even a lifestyle for some, with people gravitating towards like-minded communities and immersing themselves in crypto as the theme rather than something to invest in.

It’s being called the “crypto lifestyle,” and it only looks to be gaining momentum. The Bitcoin price has yet to recover to its 2021 peak of $64,400 on November 12, but more and more people are joining this new lifestyle. They’re using crypto solutions in their daily lives, paying for goods with cryptocurrencies, partaking in crypto forums, and backing efforts designed to keep the crypto ecosystem decentralised and autonomous from governing bodies.

Committing to the crypto cause

Those who adopt cryptocurrencies for anything more than quick investments in volatile markets tend to do so to become part of a movement, culture, and community that sees crypto as the future. Some even go as far as getting subtle and not-so-subtle tattoos reflecting their commitment to the new-age form of money. One person who dons crypto tattoos has told CoinTelegraph that it’s a badge of honor that shows their part of “this group of pirates” who challenge the traditional outlook and system of global finance.

Seeing the rise in prominence of the crypto community, online businesses, especially, have been looking to appeal to the ever-growing groups. This can start with an offering of multiple crypto payment methods to use online entertainment platforms like those with real money slots. So, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tether all become available for use, but some will go another step to increase the site’s commitment to the cause and give crypto users more of what they want.

This is how Crypto Gold came into being and quickly surged up the ranks of the library of online slots that Canada has to offer. In the game, the player’s aim is to help John recover the chip that opens his Bitcoin savings to allow him to retire rich and happy. So, the player uses the six reels and 46,656 paylines to try to trigger features like the Bitcoin Wild, free spins, Expanding Wilds, and cascading reels, with the top prize in Crypto Gold being 100,000x the stake. Crypto adopters can both play by depositing crypto and then spin on a distinctly crypto game.

Crypto communities becoming more mainstream

While the crypto owners who are purely investors aren’t always willing to delve into the crypto communities as such, they do see crypto as increasing in use – thus making for more valuable assets. As reported by Yahoo, it was found by a crypto hedge fund based in London that around eight in ten professional investors see digital assets as becoming mainstream over the coming years. This is predominantly down to the widening use and applications of digital coins as a means of payment.

Of course, helping to put a spotlight on the cryptocurrency scene the mainstream is Elon Musk. Now the owner of Twitter, his affection for crypto – especially Dogecoin – is well-known, and his impression of the meme coin has even led to direct price surges. Earlier this year, he claimed to be looking at integrating crypto payments through Twitter after laying the groundwork with fiat currencies. Musk has generated a cult following across social media for his futuristic works, making him a prominent figure among the crypto community, which will only help it grow.

Cryptocurrency may still be hitting the headlines as an opportunity for investors, but there’s a strong movement away from Wall Street that’s creating a future for crypto use as it was intended.