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The Basics of the Portuguese E-residency Program to Learn about

Have you ever heard about e-residency? It is an awesome opportunity for those who are used to working online. Well, they have a chance to combine this kind of activity with living in one of the best countries. Follow this article to learn more.

First of all, it is important to realize that the participant can choose the country he likes more. Among the options that are accessible for digital nomads today, there are Estonia and Portugal. Sure, the conditions of stay in each country will vary. But nevertheless, these e-residency countries are awesome spots to live in.

By the way, the e-residency program is beneficial both for people who join such a program and the countries providing e-residency in general. As for the entrants of the program, they get to enjoy the following (linked to Portugal):

  • A pleasant climate and nice opportunities for the business;
  • Fiscal policy that can be called rather attractive;
  • 100% remote access to the program, and so on.

The steps to e-residency depend on what country is selected for this. Today, Portugal is probably the most popular option.

What Has to Be Done in Order to Become a Part of Portuguese E-Residency?

The number one step that has to be completed is getting a tax ID number which is also called NIF. It is pretty much impossible to imagine being involved in any legal activities in this country. But there are absolutely no reasons to worry as long as NIF can be obtained very easily by means of the online intermediary. As for the documents that will have to be presented, there is a copy of the international passport and proof of address. This is it!

Apart from this, it is essential to open a bank account in the country and apply for NISS (a social security number). This is not as hard as it may seem. The most important thing when planning all of this is to get the necessary documents ready. A reliable provider of this kind of service will surely inform you of what has to be prepared and how to do this properly. Let’s take a look at this in a more detailed way.

Opening a bank account typically requires preparing a bit more documents. And, such a service is going to be more expensive too. This is what has to be ready in advance:

  • Proof of ID;
  • NIF;
  • Statement of address and income (there are various ways to do this and it is important to find out whether a provider will accept a certain document or not beforehand);
  • Tax ID from the country of residence.

Despite the fact that there are a bit more docs to get ready, this process will not take too much. Everything can be done really fast if you collaborate with the right intermediary who will guide you all the way through.

And, finally, it is also possible to establish your own company online. This is easier than you might think it to be! The stuff required for this is an international passport and NIF. Everything that to be presented in the form of scans.

Those who would like to get NISS, need to get their international passport (the EU national ID card will also be just fine) and NIF ready. So, anyway, NIF is going to be step number one that will make it possible to receive an e-residency in Portugal.

In order to find people who will be able to assist you with e-residency, it is vital to take a look at the reviews on the Internet and explore the official website of the provider a bit. Based on this, it is possible to make some conclusions.

What Does the Process of Becoming a Participant of the E-Residency Program Look Like?

Primarily, it is essential to find a good team who will be helping you with e-residency. The representatives of such a team are never rude and always do their best in order to clarify all aspects that arise during the process.

As long as you know who you will interact with for sure, it is time to go to the official website of the intermediary and start dealing with what you want to do. NIF is going to be the first step that cannot be skipped. It is crucial to get the documents ready in advance so as to complete the process a bit faster. Well, if there are any unclear matters, this has to be discussed beforehand.

So, the future participant simply uploads copies of documents on the site and pays a fee. Then, it is essential to wait for a while before NIF is issued. After this, it is going to be possible to move to other steps (one of them is applying for NISS).