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Does it make sense for you to buy medicines online?

When your health hits certain lows, it can be practically impossible to leave your home.

Illnesses like cancer, severe arthritis, epilepsy, and autoimmune disorders can render you homebound — making it hard to even go to the pharmacy.

Canadian pharmacy online is the perfect solution for those unable to leave their home.

What can render you homebound?

The technical meaning of being homebound is being rendered too sick or disabled to leave the home, or the inability to leave the home without a considerable and taxing effort.

Some examples of reasons a person may be homebound are:

  • Becoming paralyzed, needing a wheelchair, crutches, or walker due to age, disability, or a stroke
  • Being blind or senile and needing the assistance of another person to go out
  • Having recent surgery that renders a person bedridden or unable to move without assistance
  • A person in the late stages of a neurodegenerative disability
  • Having late stages of some cancers that render you unable to move without assistance or extremely susceptible to illnesses

In most cases, a person who is homebound is eligible for Medicaid or other government-provided insurance. This insurance usually covers most medicine prescribed, as well as care and equipment for care —but not always.

What is not usually covered?

Government insurance generally does not cover medicine considered to be used for the treatment of Anorexia, Weight loss, or Weight gain. These medicines can be used to treat symptoms of other illnesses, like cancer or AIDS.

Some drugs for the treatment of psoriasis are also not covered.

Oftentimes, treatments for a cold or cough are considered non-essential or cheap enough to be afforded, and will be left without coverage from your insurance.

Other drugs, like those for erectile dysfunction, but can also be used for heart or blood pressure issues will get denied by your insurance.

The coverage of these medications by your government-provided insurance varies by state – each state may choose which medications to cover and which not to cover.

There are also medicines, like insulin, that are partially covered. This leaves patients to pay the remaining balance — which oftentimes is still too expensive.

For these people, an online pharmacy can provide enough savings to allow them to acquire their necessary medicines.

More than savings

An online pharmacy can provide more than savings for a person who cannot leave their home, or needs assistance to move around.

For people with autoimmune disorders, catching even the most common cold can be life-threatening. Having your vital medicines delivered to your door can be a lifesaver for these people.

Regardless of popular belief, ordering your prescription online is an easy process, even for those who are not tech-savvy.

One of the best things about an online pharmacy is the ease of getting your questions answered in a private setting — the comfort of your home.

Finding a good online pharmacy

When looking at pharmacies online, be wary of impostors — always do your research.

Check the site for licenses and connections to licensed pharmacists.

When you become homebound due to illness or injury, there are still ways to get the things you need online.

If the pharmacy does not ask for your prescription information, this could be a red flag. It is illegal to buy, ship, or receive certain medications without a valid prescription.

Going to a Canadian pharmacy online is an easy, convenient way to get your prescriptions.

The online pharmacy not only has cheaper medicines than your local pharmacy 9 out of 10 times, but they also have someone available 24/7 for all your pharmaceutical needs and questions.

You will always have access to all your life-saving medications anytime you need them — it’s like having a pharmacy in your back pocket.