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Enhancing Your Eyes – Lash Styles for Every Eye Shape

Your eyes are one of the first things people notice about you. Playing up your eye shape and making your eyes stand out with the right lashes can dramatically enhance your natural beauty. Whether you have round, almond, hooded or deep set eyes, the trick is choosing a lash style that works with your unique eye shape.

This guide will take you through the best lash styles and application techniques to complement different eye shapes. Read on to learn how to draw attention to your beautiful eyes and achieve a flawless, eye-opening look.

Round Eyes

Those with round eyes want to counteract the natural circular shape and create the illusion of length and lift. The key is to elongate the eyes by applying lashes that flare outwards, giving your eyes a feline lift.

Wispy, feathered false lashes from top eyelash extension brands like Ardell work perfectly for this eye shape. Concentrate the longer lashes on the outer corners of the eyes to pull them upwards for a cat-eye effect. Make sure the band is thin and transparent to avoid closing in the roundness. Individual lashes just on the outer corners will also beautifully lift round eyes.

Skip the heavy, blunt-cut strip lashes. The uniform length will accentuate the natural curve of round eyes rather than lifting. Focus the drama on the outer edges for a bright and awake look.

Almond Eyes

Almond eyes have a beautiful natural shape that you can gracefully enhance. Bring out the eye contour by applying darker, fuller lashes to the outer halves. Lightly coat or skip the inner corners to maintain that signature almond shape.

Play with gradual length, avoiding a blunt cut-off at the ends which can drag your eyes down. Try individual lashes on the outer corners from top eyelash extension brands like Lilly Lashes to further build that lift. Volume on the outer corners will also prevent almond eyes looking too narrow or deep set.

For strip lashes, look for a style that is fuller on the outer edges and more tapered toward the inner corners. This will brighten up almond eyes and draw attention to their lovely natural shape.

Hooded Eyes

For hooded eyes, the priority is opening up the eyes and creating the illusion of more eyelid space. Apply fuller, denser lashes like those from top eyelash extension brands such as Huda Beauty in the center of the eyelids, with a bit of flare at the outer edges. This will give the eyes a lift instead of closing them in.

Also focus on the length in the center, and keep the inner/outer corners shorter. Too much length on the inner/outer corners will shadow hooded eyes and make them look smaller. Wispy, lighter lashes also help open up hooded eyes, so avoid super thick heavy bands.

Individual lashes are great for hooded eyes, as you can meticulously apply volume and length just to the center. Concentrating the lashes in the middle will help hooded eyes appear larger and more awake.


Enhancing your eye shape with tailored lashes takes your look from basic to bombshell. Now that you know which styles work best for your unique eyes, you can achieve picture perfect definition. Pay close attention as you apply lashes from top eyelash extension brands and watch your eyes pop as never before.

Luscious lashes allow the natural beauty of your eyes to shine. Follow these tips to play up your eye shape for maximum impact. From wispy and feathery to bold volume and length, your eye shape deserves lashes that make them mesmerizing.

Experiment with different styles and application techniques to see what takes your eyes to the next level. Beautiful eyes deserve beautiful framing. Find your perfect lashes for an eye-opening, head turning effect.