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5 tips for a healthy pregnancy even after 35

Unlike what your relatives, neighbors, or friends say, getting pregnant after 35 is possible! In fact, women about 35 years old have a 78% chance of getting pregnant in a year.

Even though it might take some time and patience, you can welcome your healthy little bundle of joy if you keep the basics in mind.

So come on, let’s see how to ensure a healthy pregnancy even after turning 35.

  1. Make a preconception appointment

Before you actively start family planning, talking to your healthcare provider and understanding the potential risks associated with this pregnancy is important.

Discuss lifestyle changes that will arise after the baby is born and how to take care of yourself while also tending to your baby.

Many women who don’t wish to get pregnant at a young age often undergo egg freezing. In this process, their egg cells are frozen and preserved for future pregnancy.

If you’ve also done the same, you can ask your doctor how artificial pregnancy through egg freezing can occur.

However, this method is more effective if you’re in your late 20s at most. This is because the human female body produces the healthiest egg cells until around 30.

But if you’re at the brink of 35, don’t worry. Though it might need more effort and attempts compared to doing it before 30, it’s still common!

  1. Cut back on addictive substances

If you’re a heavy drinker or smoker, it’s time to completely quit those habits. Not only will these harmful substances harm your baby during pregnancy, but they will also cause many health problems for you.

For instance, it can affect your capability of conceiving a healthy child.

Even if you don’t drink or smoke very often, you have to cut them off throughout the nine months of pregnancy and the months before that when you and your partner are trying to conceive.

Ask your partner to also quit his addictive habits, if any, so that the chances of pregnancy can increase.

If you have trouble cutting down on drinking or smoking, it’s best to talk to a psychiatrist or attend a therapy group.

  1. Stay active

Staying active before and during pregnancy can do wonders for your body. Unfortunately, most mothers feel that working out while pregnant will harm their babies, but that’s incorrect.

On the contrary, studies have shown that women, especially those above 35, who perform moderate exercises daily can get pregnant faster and experience a smoother pregnancy and childbirth.

You can start with light yoga in the morning and then move on to something heavier, like pilates.

After you’re pregnant, consider joining a Lamaze class, as it helps relieve stress and smoother childbirth. Even during the postpartum phase, don’t forget to work out daily.

  1. Eat mindfully

Just as it’s important to stop consuming harmful substances like alcohol, nicotine, and drugs, it’s equally important to cut down on junk and processed food items.

Unhealthy fats can make you gain weight, further complicating your pregnancy. Even sugary foods like pastries or chocolates can be harmful to your health.

So eat mindfully and count the number of calories that you’re consuming after every meal.

Ensure your diet is balanced and contains a healthy portion of all nutrients, including proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Your doctor might ask you to take vitamin D and folic acid pills, so take those too.

  1. Keep yourself mentally fit

Your mental health and physical health might also deteriorate while trying to conceive or after you’re pregnant. Remember, childbirth is a wonderful but long journey.

Even after your baby is born, you might experience postpartum problems. Therefore, taking care of your mental health is of utmost importance.

If your professional life has become stressful, try to remove some of that stress. It’s widely known that constant worrying and pressure often hinder your chances of conceiving.

Similarly, ask your partner or spouse to be mindful of their mental and emotional health. When both parents are mentally strong, they can easily conceive a baby.

Over to you…

Having children is wonderful, but you’ll know better whether you’re ready for this huge change.

Don’t rush into pregnancy just because you feel you’re getting old or your friends already have a baby.

Give yourself some time, discuss things with your partner, and then make a decision.