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Starting your fitness journey? Try these tips to stay on the right track

Are you starting your fitness journey? It is one of the most important and challenging journeys of your life. When starting your fitness journey, you don’t know where to begin. You get multiple pieces of advice to get in shape. Yet, the overwhelming information out there only confuses you more.

Apart from the information, the choices are numerous too. From yoga and Pilates to bench press, running on the treadmill, and more. With so many choices, you may not know where to begin. And the thought of working out becomes even scarier. However, it doesn’t have to be. Just follow a few tips to get the best workout routine for you. Then, it will not be scary anymore.

Tips for starting your fitness journey

Go see your primary physician

Before you start a fitness routine, checking in with your primary care physician is a good idea. It helps narrow down a few routines that are not best suited. For instance, if you suffer from backache, your doctor may recommend doing more Pilates than heavy exercise. Going for a primary checkup ensures you find a routine that works for you and has no lingering effects.

Start with guidance

The best advice for beginners is to get some guidance. Whether you start a home workout or in a gym, make sure you get the right guidance. Always work under a trainer initially. It’s because when you work out, you engage nerves and blood vessels. A little mistake can injure you seriously. When you train under a professional, they care for all these things. Once you know enough about the workout, you can perform it at home alone. But till then, do it under guidance only. Also, make sure that the equipment you use, whether in a gym or at your home, is of good quality, such as from lifespan fitness, as good quality equipment from a reputable manufacturer is much safer than a local brand.

Work on your mindset.

Being fit has more to do with your mind than your body. Once you set your mindset, you will not slip into a sedentary life again. To set a positive mindset, know your goals. Also, create realistic goals. For example, losing 15 pounds in a month isn’t a realistic goal. Instead, set a goal you can achieve without a crash diet and hours of cardio.

Also, know what your goals are. Not everyone who works out wants to lose weight. Some want to improve their stamina. Others want to stay healthy and in shape. In comparison, some people want to tone their muscles and strengthen their bodies. Knowing your goals will help you set a goal and a mindset. In addition, it will keep you committed to your cause, which is what you want.

Start making small changes.

Fitness is not only about going to the gym. It is also about switching to a better lifestyle. You can not change yourself overnight. It takes time. So, start making sustainable changes. For instance:

  • Start drinking water in the morning instead of tea or coffee.
  • Have a protein-rich breakfast.
  • Start walking for at least 20 minutes a day.
  • Sleep on time and get 7-8 hours of sleep every day.

Making these small changes will start you on your fitness journey. Small changes you can commit to are better, as they keep you motivated.

Find the right workout for you.

You will not enjoy your workout if you start one that you don’t like. Take time to figure out which one is best suited for your needs. For instance, you may start doing yoga because it is a full-body workout that heals the body and mind. But if you are not enjoying it, you will not continue it or see results. But if you love going to the gym, do that. Or maybe you enjoy Pilates after taking a class; try that. You can also mix and match your workouts to have variety and get the best results.

Plan ahead

Not having enough time is the biggest obstacle or excuse people make. Don’tBut, don’t let it be your downfall. Every person can take out 30-minutes a day for themselves. And that is all you need every day, or four times a week, to get in a good workout.

Eat a balanced meal

Limit sugary items, junk food, and processed food. Instead, cook your meals at home and enjoy them. Ensure you eat a meal high in nutrients to be healthier.

With these tips in mind, your fitness journey can commence.