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4 Important Factors to Consider When Planning a Charity Casino Event

Thousands of reputable charitable organizations are always looking for donations. If you are planning a corporate event on Long Island or need to organize a fundraiser for a needy cause, a Casino party is a classy and profitable way to go. Once you decide on a Charity Casino night for your event, it’s time to get organized.

Hosting a Casino gambling night will require you to comply with local laws and regulations, so it’s important to do your research. In almost all cases, hosting Long Island Casino parties will not include live cash at the tables. Participants are permitted to purchase game tokens to be used at the game, with the big winners collecting the most tokens for a pre-purchased prize. The money collected, minus expenses, is then funneled to the charity of your choice.

A Casino themed party is a great choice as a fundraising event, but it has many moving parts and complex logistics. It’s important to your fundraising goals to ensure that your casino party is well-planned and organized. Let’s take a closer look at some important factors to consider when planning your next Charity Casino Night Fundraiser.


When planning a Charity Casino Night, you must research the gambling laws in your venue’s county. Most states will generally restrict you from having live money at your tables. It’s best to charge your patrons an entrance fee and then have them purchase gambling tokens to play with. In this way, there will be no currency at the tables.

At the night’s end, a verified count of each patron’s remaining token will indicate the big winners. At this time, the largest winners of the night can be awarded pre-purchased prizes. Most states require 90% of collected donations to be directed to the charity and 10% to cover the event’s costs. Ensure you discuss your plans with your bookkeeper or accountant to remain in compliance.

Income Streams

While the biggest fun of your Casino Night will undoubtedly be around your gambling tables, selling tokens isn’t the only way to collect donations at your Casino Night Fundraiser. To maximize your profits, creating multiple income streams for the night is best. Here are a few ideas for your fundraising efforts:

  • Entrance fees
  • Gambling table sponsorships
  • Food and drinks
  • Contests
  • Silent auction

Event Planning

Apart from the obvious need for rental games, planning a Casino Night Charity Event is like any other party or event. Here are the basic steps to follow when planning your Casino Charity Night:

  1. Decide on a venue
  2. Rent casino games
  3. Hire professional dealers
  4. Plan a menu
  5. Bar plan, including permits or licensing
  6. Prizes and decor
  7. Promotion


It will be challenging to make your Charity Casino night a success if you don’t have any players. To help draw in potential donations, it’s crucial that you put some time and effort into promoting your event. Research online and local advertising platforms to help you get the word out to the community.

If you are planning a charity event, consider these important factors that will help your Charity Casino Night a success.