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How to Find the Perfect Lingerie for Every Season: Comfortable and Stylish Ideas

Lingerie contributes to how you feel and look. Empress Mimi talks about the importance of underwear. We know what lingerie to recommend to our clients so they are comfortable in their skin.

Not so long ago lingerie was the embodiment of something sexy and seductive. Now, many put comfort first when they shop for lingerie. We at Empress Mimi believe that underwear is like an invisible second skin that is here to support you, boost your confidence, and make your life easier.

Taking all of that into consideration, lingerie is an all-year-round staple. In this article, we will go through which lingerie essentials are a perfect fit for which season. And give some practical styling tips.

Summer lingerie

The hottest of all topics is summer lingerie. Come summer, you will want to wear the lightest and most breathable materials. The choice of the right fabric determines how you feel in the sweltering weather.

It’s easy to get lost among many choices and alternatives. Below, you can find advice to follow when you are in two minds.

Materials matter

Summer weather and hot temperature affect your skin. Just like you put on enough sunscreen to protect it, do the same with your underwear. Choose the lingerie sets that can help your body breathe and feel comfortable. It can prevent sweat and moisture buildup. Lightwear materials are a great choice.

Pass trends

Every fashion magazine uses the motto “out with the old in with the new” and many clients  fall for that. No need – trends come and go but classic remains. Instead, play with colors. A splash of hues will be a nice touch for the outfit.

Style lingerie

Summer has the right timing for new style experiments. How about pairing a bombshell or cotton bralette with a sleeveless top? Do you want to look edgy? Combine a racerback or cross-back bra with sleeveless tops. You get the drill.

You won’t find more beautiful styles than what we have among Empress Mimi lingerie. Bralettes, matching sets, corsets, accessories – we have anything you want, just click the link above.

The right fit

Make sure that lingerie fits you properly and does not make you feel restricted or tight. A well-fitted bra can prevent you from sweating and chafing. Curvy ladies can confidently wear lightweight, non-padded bras around this time of the year.

Summer lingerie fabrics

In search of the best lingerie pieces, you will always come back to our primary tip – materials.

To feel divine you would need to opt for the best fabrics. Luckily, the textile industry has made a lot of progress in making truly breathable materials that are comfortable and suitable for the weather.


Linen is a great option for summer lingerie like bralettes, camisoles, and sleepwear. Linen does attract a lot of attention, but it’s a good trendy sign because this fabric has many advantages. Linen has an extremely natural texture that can absorb moisture. Also, it’s a hypoallergenic material. Linen is durable but not as long-lasting as cotton or bamboo.

Another feature of linen, which depends on personal preference, is a wrinkled look. If you are low-maintenance, go with linen lingerie.


When it comes to the best summer lingerie fabric – unquestionably, it is cotton. It is accessible, affordable, and easy to maintain. Wearing cotton lingerie in summer weather, you will always feel cool and dry. Certainly, you already have some cotton garments in your wardrobe, like bras, panties, camisoles, and sleepwear.

You can always upgrade your underwear game. Fabrics like muslin, mousseline, or batiste cotton are more convenient cotton fabrics that are thinner and more lightweight for hotter temperatures.


Another summer lingerie essential is bamboo fabric. It’s soft, breathable, and lightweight. What’s more, bamboo is eco-friendly. This delicate yarn is known as “viscose rayon”. Bamboo lingerie is a healthy choice for your body. This fabric has antibacterial and antifungal bio-agents that make underwear odor–resistant. Feel confident to order bamboo panties, camisoles, and bralettes.

Fall lingerie

As the season changes so do the lingeries pieces in women’s wardrobe. When it comes to fall and its deep colors and moody hues, we subconsciously match our underwear with what the season brings.

Fall is the best time for more lingerie experiments. Wondering what to pick for the autumn season? Keep reading to find out more.

Colors and shades

We encourage our readers to always come out of their shells and be bold with their underwear choices. Rich colors and deep hues are just what you need for fall. The first one that naturally comes to mind is red– the color of lust and seduction. Moreover, wearing red underwear is a splendid feminine touch. Diversify your color palette with brown and coffee shades. Such a choice makes you feel comfortable, feminine, and sensual at the same time. Feeling mysterious just like those cool autumn evenings? Then gray lingerie is for you. This color is a perfect balance between simplicity and classics.

Lace and floral motives

Following rules is great but knowing how to break them is even better. When we hear “autumn” we instantly think of the colder and chillier season. However, lace underwear is a lovely idea. Plus, it will prolong the sweet reminiscing of hot summer days.

We will not be as condescending as Miranda Priestly and will not judge you for wearing a floral print in spring. But kudos to you if you are wearing flowers in autumn. Flower motives work great with muted dark colors. There is nothing else to say just that florals and lace are gorgeous seasonal interpretations.

Fall lingerie fabrics

Sure, fall lingerie materials can vary depending on personal preferences. But we present a list of the most versatile fabrics you can wear this autumn and feel amazing.


We cannot emphasize it enough – lace in the most delicate material you can find. Lace can be elegant and smooth as well as sexy and sophisticated. The best examples of lacy lingerie are bralettes. You can always stay fashionable by wearing lace lingerie. If you have been following the latest trends you could have noticed unconventional outfits with lace overlay corsets and more.


Another season cannot exist without cotton underwear. This soft and comfortable material is a great daily option.

Early fall is still warm and you can enjoy this weather wearing cotton bralettes and boyshorts.


Stay luxurious even when it is pouring down outside. Silk is the perfect fabric for camisoles, chemises, and robes. Additionally, this underwear makes you feel warmer on chilly days.


Moving to the warmer side of a lingerie segment comes velvet. Velvet bralettes, chemises, and teddies are ideal underwear staples for cool autumn temperatures.


For our edgy and bold females, we recommend considering leather lingerie. A daring and refined look can be achieved by a combination of a leather corset together with a feathery knitted cardigan.

Winter lingerie

The comfiest season of all is undeniably winter. Warming up with a cup of hot drink, and bundling up in a knitted sweater are the go-to activities of this season.

To fully enjoy this season we believe you need to find underwear that can make you feel the comfiest of all. Below, you can find some recommendations that we find can help you during your next lingerie shopping.

Warm materials and layering

Layering is a great way to keep warm and look fashionable. Warm lingerie can help you create a trendy look and confidently rock it. Next time, look out for materials like cotton flannel, silk, and velvet. These fabrics are comfy and heat-resistant. Try wearing a bralette or camisole with a sheer blouse or sweater for your next fashion statement.

Add texture

Winter outfits should not narrow down to a classic sweater, leggings, and uggs combo. It is the same with lingerie. Play with texture, such as velvet, lace, or satin. Go on an adventure for your personal style.

Embrace long-sleeves

Bodysuits and chemises are those long-sleeved options that will keep you warm in the winter season and, most importantly, will be a fabulous addition to your outfit. Layer these lingerie pieces and adorn with accessories for a lavish look.

Winter lingerie fabrics

When it comes to choosing winter lingerie the goal is to find something that will keep you warm. And at the same time, we need materials that can boost confidence.

Below we compiled a list of some options for the best winter lingerie fabrics.


Let’s prioritize warmth. When shopping for lingerie in winter, always choose what you are comfortable in. As we always keep repeating, underwear is not just about sex-appeal, it’s about self-care and self-love. Fleece is a soft synthetic fabric that will certainly keep you warm during freezing winter months. For instance, fleece onesies are a cool idea for that matter.


Proceeding with self-care comes wool. Warm, breathable, and moisture-wicking. Wool is a natural material and an excellent choice for cold temperatures. Purchase woolen bodysuits, leggings, and socks for the next winter season.


This smooth and shiny fabric is not always used for lingerie even though it is lightweight and breathable. To get the best of both worlds: warmth and style – pamper yourself with satin chemises, bralettes, and robes.

Spring lingerie

A transitional season, spring is a time of renewal and everything fresh. After what seems like a never-ending winter, new and stylish outfit ideas are a breath of fresh air. Empress Mimi’s team knows how important this time of the year is.

So, if you feel like you want to update or completely change your lingerie collection, let’s do it together with some of our tips and tricks.

Light fabrics

Spring is an official time to bring back an elevated and casual look. Transition together with weather to lightweight and breathable fabrics, like cotton, silk, or mesh. Remember you can treat yourself to lingerie anywhere. So, why not spoil yourself with light silk robes to wear around the house? Such lingerie adds a touch of elegance and grace.


Never underestimate the power of small details. As practice shows, they make the whole outfit pop. We always encourage our clients to try something new for a change. Say, sheer elements, such as mesh or lace details, can add grace and gentleness to your lingerie collection. Or even pastel colors that are never out of style – lavender, pink, and baby blue are still winning options. The more interesting details you’ve got the better.

Spring lingerie fabrics

Spring is the season of surprising combos. Think about comfort and color pop, sport-chic, or feminine classic. Spring lingerie fabrics are so versatile that everyone can find something that tickles their fancy.

We compiled a list of the most universal lingerie fabrics to wear in the blooming season.


Lightweight and airy lingerie is perfect for warmer temperatures. You would not go wrong with purchasing breathable and comfortable mesh bralettes, teddies, and babydolls.


It seems that cotton is a unanimous staple for all 4 seasons. Why shouldn’t it be? Light and breathable panties and camisoles can easily make your day more comfortable and relaxing. But we should not forget about our active and sporty readers. We have you covered with cotton sports bras. Combine it with an oversized blazer, jeans, a pair of sunnies, tennis shoes and you are good to go.


On a more lavish spectrum, we present you satin. Glamorous bras, panties, and smooth nightgowns should certainly find a place in every woman’s wardrobe.

Lingerie layering

Lingerie layering is not only another fashion fad it is a conceptual styling method. Moreover, it is functional. Contrary to popular belief, layering is not just for chilly seasons, it is applicable all year round.

Warmer seasons, such as summer and spring, are a fresh breath of color and interesting textures. Why not combine a colorful bralette with a sheer blouse? It looks fun and flirty. Or you could match a tank top with a lace bralette for a casual yet elegant look.

As for colder seasons, like fall and winter, you can still be a fashion icon. How? Simply put on a baggy knitted sweater over a lace bodysuit. Alternatively, you can wear a cardigan with a bralette and still look stylish and cozy.

Final thoughts

Finding the perfect lingerie that fits, matches your aesthetic, and makes you feel gorgeous is hard, but possible. We made this guide with the warmest thoughts for you to always turn to when searching for advice on underwear shopping. Cannot wait to see you on Empress Mimi. Have fun shopping!