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10 Interesting Facts about Roulette

What do the movies Casablanca, Madagascar and Mission Impossible have in common? They feature roulette scenes. There are plenty more films centered on roulette.

And in many cases, the films portray roulette as a fun game through which you can multiply your money. Although you can win cash in roulette, it all depends on luck, your strategies and knowledge of the game.

In this article, we’ll share 10 interesting facts about roulette. Some of these facts reveal tips you can use to increase your odds of winning. Intrigued? Let’s get started.

1—Roulette Originated in France

Contrary to popular belief, roulette was invented by accident in 17th century France. A physicist called Blaise Pascal was attempting to create a wheel that could rotate forever. While he failed in that mission, he ended up inventing roulette.

For clarity, the original roulette game had 38 numbers, 1-36, 0 and 00. At the time, single zero was colored red while double zero was colored black. In the early 1800’s, gamblers changed the coloring—green for zero number pockets and black/red for numbers 1-36.

2—Roulette Numbers Add up to 666

Roulette has several nicknames. One of them is “the devil’s game.” This nickname emanated from the fact that all numbers on a roulette wheel add up to 666. And the number 666 is referenced as the mark of the beat/devil in the bible.

That said, there’s another reason why some people call roulette the devil’s game. Roulette is based on pure luck. So, when some players lose money continuously in the game, they say roulette must have been created by the devil.

3—Roulette Has Numerous Variants

Similar to many casino games, roulette has several variants. They all vary in the house advantage, odds and payout rates. With that in mind, below are the most variants of the game:

  • European roulette
  • American roulette
  • French roulette
  • Lightning roulette
  • Mini roulette

European roulette is the most popular variant of roulette. It has a single zero slot on its wheel. This gives it a house edge of 2.7%. In comparison, American roulette has got both a single zero and a double zero roulette. Due that, it has a bigger house edge of 5.2%.

4—A Roulette Dealer is Called a Croupier

One of the things that make roulette unique is that it has a different name for its dealer. He or she is called a croupier. The work of a croupier is to take bets from players and to spin the roulette wheel.

Basically, a croupier oversees a roulette game. They might not deal cards. But they throw the wheel inside the wheel. And they guide players on how to bet and collect their winnings.

5—You Can Play Roulette Online

This might sound obvious to some. But you can play nearly all versions of roulette on the Internet. The beauty of this is that you can find multiple versions of the game in one place. Check this article for recommendations on good online roulette sites.

6—The Wheel and Ball Spin in Opposite Directions

This is an interesting trivia. If a croupier spins the wheel in a clockwise direction, they have to spin the ball in an anti-clockwise direction. For the uninitiated, the small ball thrown inside a spinning wheel determines the winners and losers of a game.

Sometimes the croupier can spin the wheel counter clockwise. And that means they need to spin the ball clock wise. To make things fair for everyone, some casinos require the croupier to interchange the rotation of the wheels after every spin.

7—A Man Once Bet His Wealth on Roulette

If you’ve ever thought you risk too much money at casinos, think about Ashley Revell. This English man once sold everything he owned, including his house to risk it all in one roulette bet.

Ashley raised $135,000 and traveled to the Plaza casino in Las Vegas. True to his word, Ashley bet his money on red. Interestingly, he won, meaning he doubled his wealth.

Now, no sane person should bet all his wealth. But imagine if Ashley wagered on a straight number, 1-36. Casinos pay out 35 to 1 for these wagers, translating to $4,725,000 in potential winnings.

8—17 Is the Most Wagered Number in Roulette

The game of roulette features a table showing all the numbers in the wheel. It also includes the bet types you can make and the payouts. Seventeen is the most conspicuous number on this table.

As a result, most bettors, especially, novices tend to bet on it. Of course, there’s a 1 in 37 (European) or 1 in 38 (American) chances of the number 17 winning. However, many people wager on 17 simply because it’s the first digit they notice.

9—Plenty of Don’ts in Roulette

Many casino games have etiquette rules you need to follow. In roulette, there’s an awful lot of them. You can’t take food and drinks to a roulette wheel. You can’t throw your chips down.

You can’t even buy or cash in your roulette chips in between games. On the other hand, you’re not supposed to hand your money to the croupier. You place your chips on the table.

Another rule is that you can’t place your bet after the croupier says “no more bets.” Finally, you can’t take your purse or bag close to the table. You might be accused of trying to steal.

10—Even Money Bets have the Best Odds in Roulette

Want to win regularly in roulette? Stick to even money bets. They include:

  • Red/black
  • Odd/even
  • High/Low

In European roulette, an even money bet has 48.6% odds. In the American version, the odds stand at 47.4%. Due to that, it makes sense to bet on European roulette.

You would think even money bets would have 50/50 chances of happening. But don’t forget about the zero and double zero pockets. They give the casinos an advantage over players. All the same, a correct even money prediction pays 1 to 1.