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Work Tables With Undershelf

Stainless steel work tables with undershelf are suitable for expanding the work space in the kitchen. This product is actively used in the process of preparing various types of food and manufacturing food products. With the help of constructions, it is possible to significantly increase the productivity of cooks. The furniture is intended for catering units of restaurants, cafes, canteens, night clubs and other catering establishments.

Convenience is not an end in itself. The better the work tables with undershelf

are adapted to certain processes, the easier it is to work on them. For example, thanks to the sides on the meat worktop, the trimmings do not fall on the floor. And in a table with cabinets you can store semi-finished products — you don’t have to run after them to the refrigerator every time. By appointment, cutting tables for a bar and cafe, restaurant or barbecue are universal and specialized — for meat, fish, vegetables and others.

Work Surface Materials

In general, a desktop for the kitchen of a restaurant, cafe or bistro can have a countertop made of different materials. The most common are metal, wood and plastic. But for cutting models, stainless steel is usually taken. This is due to the fact that it is best suited not only in terms of technological parameters, but also in terms of sanitary and hygienic requirements.

How to Choose Work Tables With Undershelf?

Purchase of worktable with open base or bottom shelf depends on your specific needs. Open base production tables are good for keeping one or two ingredient containers handy. The table with shelf of stainless steel work tables with two undershelves is useful for storing small household appliances, and the option with drawers is for storing groceries. Wide range of optional kitchen equipment can be ordered:

  • Shelves;
  • Wheels;
  • Lowered countertops;
  • Locks on doors and drawers;
  • Built-in sinks.

The restaurant equipment of a stainless steel table for a cafe, restaurant or dining room must correspond to the purpose of the product. Based on these considerations, the work surface can be of a simple shape or have additional elements. Thus, all countertops are divided into universal and specialized.

A stainless steel work tables with undershelf belongs to the neutral equipment. Despite its apparent simplicity, it is an indispensable element of a professional kitchen. On its working surface, preparatory operations are performed, without which no cooking process can do.

Stainless Steel Work Tables With Undershelf — Reasons For Use

In addition, the stainless steel dining table has other important operational properties. It is worth buying it for the following reasons:

  • Corrosion resistance. Thanks to this, the service life of the equipment increases.
  • Heat resistance. Industrial kitchen tables withstand temperatures up to +850С.
  • Durability and resistance to mechanical damage.
  • Ease of care. It is enough to wash it with hot water with the addition of a detergent and rinse.

The frame of the stainless steel work tables with two undershelves, which is not in direct contact with food, can be made of stainless steel or iron. This is allowed by the standards of sanitary hygiene, while the price of the production table is reduced.