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Here’s Why You Should Take in an NFL Game This Season

Since the inception of the Super Bowl in 1967, NFL’s popularity in the US and beyond has never stopped growing. From early audiences of around 27 million, the annual showpiece now attracts regular viewing figures in excess of 100 million.

The NFL is more than the Super Bowl and, with the 2022-2023 season getting underway, there has never been greater excitement.

Brady is back from the brink of retirement making the Tampa Bay Buccaneers real challengers to the favorites in the NFL odds, the Buffalo Bills. There is a battle of Los Angeles on the cards between defending champions the Rams and the big recruiting Chargers.

Also challenging will be Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers, Denver Broncos, Cincinnati Bengals, San Francisco 49ers, and Cleveland Browns.

In short, the 2022 regular season and the playoffs that follow in 2023 look set to be great competitions. Here is our guide to why you should take in an NFL game this season, and what to expect.

What is so exciting?

Across almost every division, the competition for the playoffs is expected to be hotly contested.

  • AFC East

While Buffalo Bills are expected to progress, the battle between New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins should be a humdinger.

  • AFC North

Baltimore Ravens might be expected to edge this one, but smart recruitment by Cincinnati Bengals could make them real contenders.

  • AFC South

It was looking close between the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans until the draft. Now we wait to see if the Titans can still do it without AJ Brown.

  • AFC West

Form says the Kansas City Chiefs should triumph, but trading top receiver Tyreek Hill for draft picks is a gamble. Odds are shortening for either Denver Broncos and LA Chargers to seize the advantage, perhaps it’ll be both.

  • NFC East

Dallas Cowboys have been odds-on favorites for this division all summer, but the gap is tightening rapidly. Philadelphia Eagles’ acquisition of AJ Brown could be the off-season signing that upsets this particular apple cart.

  • NFC North

Green Bay Packers might be holding on to their spot as favorites for now, but that might change. Stay tuned to see if Packers losing receiver Davante Adams to the Raiders opens a door for the Minnesota Vikings.

  • NFC South

Tampa Bay Buccaneers should make the postseason without much worry, and for many, are odds on for the Super Bowl. Curious eyes, however, will be watching the New Orleans Saints, perhaps the most borderline team in this season’s playoff race.

  • NFC West

In this marginal division, the LA Rams and San Francisco 49ers are viewed by sportsbooks as most likely to progress. That said, it would be foolish to take your eyes off the Arizona Cardinals, who could be only inches behind.

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As with every NFL season, there will be a thousand stories told between now and February 12 in Arizona. So, what should you expect when you head to your first NFL game to watch them unfold?

  • Atmosphere and entertainment

Watching NFL on TV in a bar or someone’s home is exciting, but nothing like being there in person. More than 60,000 people cheering on the action in a designer-built stadium makes for an atmosphere quite special.

NFL clubs are committed to making sure every fan is entertained for every minute of the occasion. That means, even when there’s no action on the pitch, there will be entertainment elsewhere in the stadium.

Musical acts, games for fans to enjoy, and big-screen interactions are just some examples of matchday entertainment. When you go to an NFL game, you’re not just attending a sporting fixture, you’re going to a party.

  • Up-close access

Even with multi-angle digital channels, when you watch on TV you can only see what you’re shown. In person, you can focus on any part of the action that takes your interest.

In-person, you can get a better understanding of the game by watching what is going on off the ball. Watching plays with a full view of the pitch from above lets you understand how playbook sketches translate to reality.

In some cases, in-person fans are even given opportunities to meet players face to face. Aaron Donald can’t reach out of the TV to shake your hand, but he might stretch over the pitchside barrier.

  • Soak it all up

Another thing you can’t experience watching on TV is the weather. NFL is played from September to February all across the US, and they play in all conditions.

When the sun is shining, the advantages are obvious. What’s better than a cold beer in the afternoon or evening sun while you watch a great game?

Attending in rain, or even snow, has its advantages too. Sure, you might need to wrap up, but feeling you’re “in it together” with the players can be addictively immersive.

So, now you know why you should take in an NFL game this season, and what to expect. You just have to pick which one to watch first; check out the schedule and get booking today!