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Why Do Western Men Like Asian Women?

Asian women are incredibly sought after not just by Asian men but by men from every other ethnicity all over the globe. The degree to which that is the case seems almost unparalleled. Yes, everyone loves white chicks, Latinas, Slavic girls, and African women, but the amount of love white men, in particular, seem to have for Asian women is probably matched only by the love Asian men – paradoxically – have for white women.

Why is that the case? Why do men like Asian women so much, to the point that international dating apps and online sites for mail order wives are so predominantly full of Western guys trying to find an Asian mail order bride? 

1. Because they are incredibly attractive!

The shortest and most straightforward explanation for why men like Asian women is that the latter are just drop-dead, jaw-droppingly gorgeous. After all, why wouldn’t men like Asian women?!

Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we’ll touch more on that below. However, even folks who are not particularly enamored by Asian women can’t deny that the vast majority of them are objectively beautiful.

2. They are not just attractive but are also quite unique in their appearance

There is such a thing as “conventional attractiveness,” and what’s conventional for one culture isn’t so for another. And for many Western men, Asian women are beautiful in a very unique way. This isn’t just a matter of skin color or eye shape but of general demeanor, pose, stature, expression, fashion, and more. This makes Asian women not just beautiful in the eyes of many Western guys but outright mysterious and captivating.

3. They are more petite in stature compared to Western women

Asian women – in particular, Chinese women – are quite a bit shorter on average than most Western women. There is a bit of a misconception here too, as many people think Asian women are shorter than most other races. This isn’t exactly true as there are numerous countries, most in South America and Africa, where the average height of women is even shorter.

However, Asian women aren’t just shorter than Western women – they are also more petite. This refers not just to the height of a woman but also to her figure. Asian women usually have much more trim and diminutive figures than most other women; they have more delicate features, and they also have a fashion sense that often underlines these qualities.

All of this is quite attractive to a lot of guys. Not all, of course, there are also many who love tall women, and that’s an equally valid preference too. However, for the millions of guys who love a petite woman, Asia is the best place to meet such ladies.

4. Asian women are perceived as more feminine

Another huge reason why men are constantly looking for Asian brides on international dating and mail order wives sites is that they are seen as more feminine. This is largely a matter of perception and preference, of course, but the broader opinion is that being petite and delicate is intrinsically feminine. 

With that being the case, it’s perfectly natural for most heterosexual males to be attracted to feminine females – the more feminine a woman is, the more attractive she would be to a heterosexual man.

5. Asian women are famous for being very mindful of their health and fitness, as well as for having impeccable hygiene

Asian women don’t owe their looks to just their genetics either – a huge part of the equation is down to their culture too. In this case, most East Asian cultures have historically put a very strong emphasis on the health and physical fitness of both their men and women. While this isn’t necessarily true for Asian men today, for Asian women, the focus on health and fitness has been unwavering over the centuries, as it has become an integral part of their beauty standard.

In addition to that, Asian women are famously very focused on personal hygiene – much more so than many people in the West would suspect. This last point is often somewhat aggravating for Western women, as it almost implies that their hygiene is subpar. This isn’t necessarily the case, of course – statistics don’t say anything for the individual, after all. Many women in every country and culture look after their hygiene with much care. However, proper hygiene is a part of many Asian cultures in a way that isn’t the case for most other cultures.

6. The fashion sense of many Asian women is famously excellent

Every culture has its own traditional fashion sense, even if the modern world is doing its best to standardize fashion on a global scale. So, even though much of Asia’s modern fashion is strongly influenced by Western trends, traditional Asian fashion still shines through. And, with said Asian fashion being incredibly stylish, feminine, and excellent at underlying the inherent petite beauty of Asian women, it’s no wonder why many men find it so appealing.

7. Asian women broadly are very conscious about their appearance and put great care into it

Different cultures put different emphasis on physical appearance. For many women in Asia, however, their physical appearance isn’t just a matter of “fitting in” or “reaching a certain accepted average,” but it is about excellence and self-expression. This partly stems from the overly conservative cultures of most East Asian countries, as, back in the day, women didn’t have many opportunities to express themselves outside of their appearance or art. This focus on physical excellence is so strong that the beauty standards in countries like Japan and South Korea are often seen as extreme or “impossible.” 

8. Most Asian women are brought up with traditional and family-oriented values

Speaking of conservative and traditional values, many countries in Asia still put a significant emphasis on those as well. Many men in the West find that appealing too, as marriage and children become less and less of a priority for many women in the West. So, for quite a lot of men, finding an Asian mail order bride is just a question of finding a good mother for their future children.

9. A lot of men perceive Asian women as more “submissive” or “obedient”

We saved the most controversial point for last. On the one hand, it is true that – because of the aforementioned conservative, traditional values – a lot of Asian women are taught to see their husbands as the “heads of the household” and to respect their opinions and decisions.

However, there are some notes many people forget. For one, it’s a mistake to equate “respect” with “blind obedience” and “subservience.” The fact that many Asian women are respectful doesn’t mean the Asian mail order bride you marry will just wait on your every word and obey your every command. On the contrary – Asian women are brought up to be incredibly resilient and strong, as well as intelligent, educated, and capable.

What’s more, modern Asian women have effortlessly combined their family-oriented traditions with a modern outlook on egalitarianism. So, while Asian women are typically respectful and family-oriented, this doesn’t mean they are “submissive” as the cliché usually implies.

Another point that stems from this is that many Western men look for an Asian mail order bride especially because of this cliché. This can result in quite a lot of mismatched expectations and unhappy marriages.

So, while this point technically belongs in this list – many Western men do like Asian women because they see them as “obedient,” this may be one perception that should be adjusted a bit.