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Top Literary Devices To Enhance Your Essay Writing

Essay writing gives writers the space and time to use their creativity and craft a brilliant piece of writing. Therefore, you will see that most writers resort to literary devices to showcase their understanding in a different way.

Literary devices are an omnipresent thing in the literature world.

Its existence dates to the formation of the English language. With time, new ones expanded the range of literary devices. So, it gives the writers leverage to write brilliant and powerful essays.

Consequently, they can let their creative essence flow and use different ways to tell an event. It can be humor, cliffhanger, metaphor, oxymoron, and so on. That way, you can tell your story in a unique way.

So, continuing with the same essence, we suggest some literary devices that will help you to write brilliant essays. Shift your attention to learn about them.

Top Literary Devices to Enhance Your Essay Writing

A literary device is a tool given to writers to tell different ideas, events, and incidents in an interesting way.  Therefore, it gives them a way to use their writing as an escape from the real world and sail into their own creativity.

Here are a few literary devices that you can use in your essay writing, as stated by custom homework solutions


Humor is a powerful tool in writing. It helps the writer to transform the whole situation and make the whole thing through in a lighter tone. Furthermore, humor is a powerful tool, and it takes great finesse and skills to make people laugh. Therefore, you can use humor to write an essay and let people have a laugh while reading the paper.

It mostly tests your instincts when you are writing and allows you to expand your thinking power. That will further improve your writing capabilities and increase your writing value. So, it is an innate thing that will brilliantly strengthen your writing.


Another thing that will help you in essay writing is suspense. Most writers use suspense to write thrilling stories, and it captivates the readers to go through the whole writing. In that case, you can begin the essay like Virginia Woolf, which will enable you to write brilliantly. Consequently, you need to focus on the plot and try to build a greater one to attract the reader and good reviews.

Therefore, keep raising key questions in the paper without actually giving away the information. That way, you can create a mystery around your writing and reveal everything in the end. It will be a good way to end the story and impress the readers. All of the major detective novels use this process and showcase their depth of writing skills. So, you can take some inspiration from them and apply it to your writing.


It is a clever tactic used by writers to simplify bigger tasks and situations and make it easier for readers to read. It is an ingenious way of telling the tougher situations, like political and social situations, which will deliver better value to your writing. Also, you will be able to provide the message in the right way.

Furthermore, it is a good way to mark yourself away from the issues yet have your points across the table properly. In addition, you can showcase the hidden meaning in the paper and let the readers get the depth of your writing. For example, you can read the writings of George Orwell, who is a master of allegory. Consequently, you can use his principle to write better and with a creative objective.


Another literary device that helps writers to write flawlessly is imagery. It is a brilliant tool that can help to write narrative essays. With the imagery, you can showcase your creativity in the paper. That way, you can tell the world about the things and experiences you have had from your travels and tours.

It has shown that writers can show their creative essence to describe their feelings of the world. That way, you can enhance your vocabulary skills and your creativity by writing flowery words to explain events. So, you can add the imagery device to enhance your writing and build your portfolio in the writing department.


It is your time to be Chandler Bing, who uses irony or sarcasm to reflect an opinion that is different and funny. In essay writing, it is of great importance, as it separates you from the other issue and keeps your place in it. You can take Romeo and Juliet, where irony strikes, which leads to the death of the main protagonists.

Therefore, you can use the tool to add depth to your writing and enhance your essay writing skills. This will surely bring value, enable you to stand out from the rest and give you a boost in writing. Also, it will help you to brainstorm new ideas, and words, which will help you to write better. So, look to add in your writing skills. You will get the maximum benefit and create a greater depth in your writing ability.


Lastly, another thing that you can add to the list is Oxymoron. It is a way of saying contradictory sentences. That way, you can create differentiation in your writing style. It is more like saying things in a non-literal sense. Hence, it can increase your writing style and enhance your capability to write at great depths.

For example, words like organized chaos, deafening silence, and old news show how you can use oxymorons in essay writing. Therefore, read some literature to get an idea of the writing and build your profile as a better essayist.

The Bottom Line

In the end, we can say that literary devices give you an edge in writing brilliant essays. Therefore, you can begin using these literary devices in your writing and build your profile as an essay writer.


Here are a few frequently asked questions –

What is the most popular literary device?

Metaphor, as you can make a direct comparison with an incident.

How do literary devices enhance writing?

You can convey deeper meaning in your writing and enhance your writing prospects.