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Types Of Hair Treatment: Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Conditioner will never replace a professional hair mask, even if you keep it longer than the prescribed three to five minutes. If your hair has problems – it is, for example, dry or damaged – you will need professional masks anyway: nourishing, restoring, moisturizing. Let’s figure out what they are for and the features of a deep conditioning hair mask.

Cleansing masks

The composition of such masks, as a rule, includes clay and other absorbents. Unlike most others, they are applied not only along the length of the hair, but also on the scalp and roots. These masks are especially useful when your hair is affected by climate conditions (extreme temperature changes, salt water, UV raves, heat, etc). This mask is designed to:

  • deeply cleanse the pores of the scalp;
  • eliminate the remnants of styling products that accumulate in the cuticle of each hair;
  • remove limescale from tap water!

After applying such a product, you must use a nourishing mask to seal the hair scales and so that the strands do not look dull.

Nourishing and deep conditioning hair masks

These are universal products that smooth hair, saturate it with useful substances, add shine and radiance due to the content of oils, plant extracts and smoothing components. The most useful hair care is a conditioning mask. The entire series of such masks contains argan oil enriched with omega-6 fatty acids. Hair treatment from this category works in two directions:

  • soften the hair and make it easier to comb;
  • deliver nutrients to the hair cortex and strengthen its structure.

For complete care of dry, damaged hair, the conditioning product is the most suitable. Also, the mask perfectly softens, moisturizes, gives a charming shine, silkiness, making hair obedient and well-groomed. The product is great for express care, because it does not need to be kept on the strands for a long time.

Revitalizing masks

This category of masks is designed for severely damaged hair – for example, after traumatic processes (perm, aggressive dyeing, improper care). They “complete” the damaged areas of each hair due to keratin and other proteins in their composition.

Pay attention to the cream mask – on its basis, a steam therapy service is carried out, which restores the matter of the hairline. With increased fragility, experts recommend revitalizing masks, and when you need to quickly tidy up dry and damaged hair, a salon mask will come to the rescue – this restoring professional mask will transform strands in five minutes!

What components should masks contain to solve certain hair problems?

If you want to make your hair strong and shiny, then choose a deep conditioning hair mask. Professional hair treatment should contain:

  • keratin, which strengthens the cross-links in the hair structure and ensures their flexibility;
  • panthenol will help fight dry hair – it conducts moisture molecules into the hair shaft;
  • coconut oil in a compoundance – for complex protection of the hair, that enhances the protective properties of the hair, preventing moisture from evaporating.

Finally, a pivotal thing in hair care is choosing the product according to your problems and hair type. However, the most important point is the compound of the product. To keep your hair smooth and shiny, use masks with proteins that are close in composition to natural hair proteins – they will restore damaged bonds between keratin fibers – fibrils.