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Rules To Style Your Sunglasses

They say, life has many shades, and we suggest, enjoy the shades with sunglass! After all, we all know that some sunglasses also reflect light which itself has been a metaphor for modernity, as in enlightenment. It’s reflecting property represents the success of modern celebrity and glamour world.

The way you look and the image you project is undoubtedly something that you can use to your advantage on your way to success, the correct glasses can make you notice more than you think, they can stylize your face and even give it the illusion that it is smoother of what it is, although if you want help you can complement it by adding collagen to your diet to look younger.

So, to enhance and flaunt your glamour and get a new pair of sunglasses of a unique color rather than the oldie black and white colors!

But, do you wonder, what would suit you best?

Well, time to read out some rules for wearing sunglasses at different places as there are many people who wear sunglasses but don’t know how to style it.

How to carry Sunglasses at office!

Thus, if you are working in any Multi National Company or any office then you must read out the 5 rules to carry Sunglasses!

  • Take them off at the entrance period.

In general, sunglasses are meant to wear in the daylight, sunshine or outside the roof. So, with the little swag, take off the sunglasses while entering inside the office premises and choose to hand it on your neck for styling for a while. Aha, don’t keep it hanging at the time you are meeting your boss!

  • Hide them immediately.

There are some people who put their sunglasses on the top of their head or hold it in the hand, but if you are a working woman then you should avoid these habits and put your sunglasses in your bag. As if you will obey this rule, it will enhance your personality in front of your colleagues and your boss.

  • Your glasses are like nice clothes.

Nowadays I don’t think there’s anybody who didn’t buy sunglasses once in their life, and if you bought it then you must know its worth. Sunglasses are not cheap at all, so like are expensive attires we study take care of our sassy sunglasses to enhance your look.

  • No Croakies

Croakies are basically the supporters or the lanyards that hang your glasses around your neck. It’s an old style and not trending at all. Generally old age people hung their glasses but in office time there’s no need to use croakies with sunglasses. So say goodbye to the oldie Croakies and update your style.

  • Fluorescent Frame are unacceptable.

If you are working in any office than your personality should be classy and decent and you have to avoid fluorescent frames from your lifestyle. But don’t worry if you have few fluorescent frames than you can carry them while partying or while going to the beach.

Hence to look decent and classy, opt for the brand New Caravan RB3636 by Ray-Ban. Honestly, it doesn’t need any introduction as it is a very popular international brand of men’s sunglasses. This model is a unisex men sunglass of round and oval silhouette.

The width of lens is 47mm, 49mm, 50mm, 51mm, 52mm, 53mm and 58mm and three types of lenses are available that is Gradient, Mirrored and Polarized. It costs almost Rs.20,000 and available in various colors such as polished silver, legend gold, polished black, grey, green gradient dark blue and brown. This fashionable sunglass guarantees you a perfect or full protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Few more rules to style and wear your sunglasses are;

  • Opt for the perfect sunglass shape as per your face shape. There are different kinds of sunglasses and you have to check which one suits you the most.
  • Whenever you wear sunglasses then you have to minimize the fashionable accessories, jewels or color and let your sunglasses rule.
  • Always try suit your class pair of sunglasses with a perfect sharp collared shirt or pair it with an elegant scarf or professional dress. If you never try this look then don’t waste a second and try this look fast.
  • If you are not in office then you can also wear your sunglasses without actually wearing them. Quite confusing isn’t it! Let me clear, if you are going for shopping in the evening then you can hook your sunglasses onto outside pockets or shirt collars and can also stuck in your beautiful hairs, as it will give you a babe type look and turns everyone head around.

To conclude

You can review the trends and adapt your style to them, or find that type of glasses that will be your love at first sight because… You can review the trends and adapt your style to them, although… Defining your personality with sunglasses is noy a rocket science if you keep a track of few quick tips. So, let’s the glass shine on your eyes and make you feel stylish and Sassy look!