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Traveling along the Pamir Highway

 Traveling around the world is one of the best hobbies. Among the most famous places in the world, there are so many unknowns that people should visit. They will help you to feel the adrenaline and people will be able to feel the history flow. Lots of adrenaline and amazing feelings that won’t leave you behind. During your trip to remove the boredom part, you can play the Hellspin login and test your luck to win the jackpot. We are going to talk about the USSR highway. 

       Furry good-natured yaks and the highest monument to Lenin, waterfalls and hot springs, Zoroastrian sanctuaries and fortresses of the Great Silk Road, petroglyphs, and breathtaking views of the Afghan six-thousanders all of that on one route. 

Pamir Highway

      The Pamir Highway is one of the most picturesque roads in the world and the highest mountain road on the territory of the former USSR. It appeared in the XIX century during the “Great Game” between the colonial rivalry of the British and Russian empires. At first, the route connected the Fergana and Alai valleys and later continued to Khorog and Dushanbe.

     A modern journey should start from the capital of Tajikistan and, gradually acclimatizing, climb the mountains to the “roof of the world”. When the Pamirs received this nickname, the locals did not yet know about the existence of a higher Tibet. The trip promises to be exotic and colorful. Most of the Pamir Highway passes through the high mountain gorge of the Pyanj River, along the border with Afghanistan. In addition to successive green valleys and dramatic gorges, at the bottom of which the Panj boils, there are many sights on the way, and they are very diverse.

What Should Be Used

       To travel through the high Pamirs you need a jeep. If you are not ready for extreme driving, it is worth hiring a local driver in Dushanbe. You can also dare to independently conquer the Pamirs by renting a jeep at the airport. Then you will need moral and confidence skills not only to drive on narrow mountainous rocky roads but also to change tires, eliminate the effects of engine boils, and drive in low gears. Stock up on a couple of canisters. There are few gas stations in the Pamirs, gasoline is not poured in all villages. 

       The Pamir Highway can be closed at any time for several days due to rock falls. You should not even try to calculate the time in minutes. It is better to be patient and enjoy the views and communication with the locals. By the way, they speak Russian and English quite well. The slow movement in space and the absence of a strict plan will save you from disappointment. A gradual climb will help to avoid mountain sickness. If it still overtakes you, then the locals will solder you with sweet green tea and cola, but the only proven way to deal with this scourge is to lose altitude and re-acclimatize.


     Food in the Pamirs does not please with variety. There are almost no fruits and vegetables. Cakes, eggs, and local cheese are offered everywhere. Meat is rarely eaten, it is prepared very simply. Often treated with kurut. It is dried salty grayish cheese, scary in appearance, but completely indispensable when climbing as a source of salt. Not everyone will like the local shirchoy tea: salt, milk, and butter (butter or yak) are added to it. There are few shops. They are mostly salt, sugar, and cereals, as well as heartbreaking kinds of sweets by weight. However, the scarcity of local cuisine is compensated by the hospitality of the inhabitants. Stock up on souvenirs and trinkets to please the kids in return: there are a lot of them, and they rarely see toys.

    Visiting Pamir Highway no one leaves without emotions. From the mountains to the valleys, different people and so many things to see, try, and taste.