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Tajikistan to the World

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      For beginners, it’s worth getting to know the capital of Tajikistan. Look into the historical and ethnographic museums, walk through the noisy colorful Shahmansoor market, and eat pilaf and fruits that are wonderful in taste and price. It will be almost impossible to get them in the Pamirs. It so happened that the main attraction is located in the neighboring village of Gissar. The local fortress is one of the oldest and largest architectural monuments in Central Asia, and it is well preserved.

     If you have a couple of days left, you can go to the Fann Mountains and climb the emerald Alaudin lakes or have a picnic at sunset on Lake Iskanderkul against the backdrop of snow-covered ridges. The lakes, of which there are countless, will change their color depending on the time of day. A hundred shades of blue, green, and gray, on a hot day you can even dare to swim. And in one day you can go through part of the simple scenic route “Seven Bridges” along the Odjob River from the city of Varzob, located just 30 kilometers from the capital.

    Foothills of Pamir

     The journey from Dushanbe begins on the spurs of Gissar-Alay. The mountains are not so high yet, but there are already a lot of interesting things. Particularly impressive are the high-altitude Nurek hydroelectric power station and the multi-colored salt mountain of Khoja-Mumin with openwork caves. You can make a detour and drive to the medieval Buddhist monastery of Ajina-Tepe or the hot springs of Chiluchor-Chashma, which form the river. But the main landmark on this stretch of the path is the ancient city of Kulyab, in the center of which is the mausoleum of the Persian scientist and theologian Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani.

Valley of the Pyanj River

      After the Shuroabad pass, the Pyanj river valley begins. That is where the border with Afghanistan passes through it, and the road winds after the river. This is where the Gorno-Badakhshan region begins. The mountains around are getting higher, and the landscapes are getting more spectacular. The process of looking out for unusual Soviet stops in settlements and suspension bridges across the numerous rivers rushing to Pyanj is also entertaining. At the place where the river Obihumbou flows into it, the village of Kalai-Khumb is located, where you can have lunch and relax.

      The most interesting starts in the village of Rushan, where you can comfortably stay in one of the guest houses for a couple of days. It is interesting to make trekking along the rivers Vamardara and Bartang and take pictures against the backdrop of the azure lakes formed by the Jizevdara river. And in the city itself where you can take a walk along the Varma fortress, which offers views of the Afghan coast of the Pyanj with rare desert villages. A barely noticeable path runs along the almost sheer cliffs. If you take care of binoculars in advance, you can see rare travelers in national clothes on them. Most likely, they are heading to the famous market in the village of Ishkashim.

      That is not all the amazing places that you can see and visit in Tajikistan. Plan your trip to this amazing country. We truly believe that you will enjoy your trip!