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Top Beaches For Surfers in California

If there’s one thing the Cali gang adore, it’s surfing. With California’s sun-kissed beaches, laid-back vibe, and those legendary waves, surfing isn’t just a sport in the Golden State, but a way of life. And it’s not just the locals who are all about catching the waves. People from all corners of the globe flock to the West Coast to experience the magic of surfing for themselves. If you’re planning a trip to the West Coast and surfing is high on your agenda, you’re in luck. Here’s the inside scoop on some of the best surfing spots in Cali.

The Beach-Hopping Factor

So, you’re dreaming of the ultimate California beach-hopping escapade, and you’ve got your sights set on the cream of the crop: Trestles Beach, Huntington Beach, and Malibu. If you’re staying around the Orange County region and have no plans on visiting Malibu, then setting up camp at Trestles Beach for your time on the West Coast seems like a viable solution. However, for you surfing socialites that want to try all top three surf spots in even as little as a day, there are ways around this: renting a car. Thanks to online coupons and these budget discount codes, renting a car doesn’t have to be a notable expense. As a Groupon customer, you can save around a third of what you would if purchased on the day, including savings either directly on the vehicle itself, or on other products and services. What would be a five-hour publmalibuc transport switch from Trestles to Malibu can be shortened to just an hour’s drive with a set of wheels. Depending on the wind chops at each place, you’ll be thankful for the ease in flexibility to find the beach with the best waves to drop in on. After all, surfing is what you’re here for, right?

Trestles Beach, California

Now, to the beach! Starting with Trestles Beach, Trestles is more than just a spot; it’s an experience. Trestles Beach has a collection of breaks, each with its own personality and charm to attract different surfing personnel. This means you’ve got options! Whether you’re a longboard enthusiast, a shortboard shredder, or you prefer a mix of both, Trestles has got the waves to cater to your style.

But what truly sets Trestles apart is its consistency. The waves here are about as reliable as that one friend who’s always up for an adventure. You can trust Trestles to deliver quality waves on a regular basis, making it a mecca for surfers looking to compete, fine-tune their skills, or even just learn the ropes. Trestles camaraderie is palpable, and at Trestles, there’s an unspoken understanding that no matter where you’re from or how good you are, when you’re here, you’re part of something greater – a tradition of riding waves and connecting with nature.

Huntington Beach, California

Nestled in the iconic Orange County, Huntington Beach boasts some seriously consistent surf. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a fresh-faced grom, there’s a wave with your name on it. You’ve also got the legendary Huntington Beach Pier, which not only adds some visual drama to the scenery but also creates some gnarly breaks that’ll have you stoked.

But here’s what keeps residents coming back week after week: the vibe. Huntington Beach is like a permanent summer vacation where everyone’s your friend, and the ocean is your playground. You know that feeling you get when you paddle out and you’re surrounded by people who just ‘get it’? That’s Huntington Beach – a community of wave-chasers who understand the magic of riding those swells.

Malibu, California

Of course, saving the best till last, it has to be Malibu Beach. Despite the gorgeous atmosphere that’s the absolute epitome of California cool and chic, the waves here are some of the most consistent and diverse you’ll find in California. You’ve got point breaks and beach breaks that cater to surfers of all levels, from beginners looking to catch their first wave to pros who want to ride those iconic Malibu peelers.

Malibu is simply an influencer’s dream. The pristine sandy beaches, the rugged coastline, and the backdrop of those majestic Santa Monica Mountains – it’s nature’s masterpiece, and you’re lucky enough to be a part of it. Oh, and keep an eye out for those A-listers who sneak away from the spotlight for a slice of serenity!

Drop In On Only The Best Cali Waves

These beaches aren’t just beaches, they’re experiences and chapters in your surfing story. So, paddle out, catch those waves, and let the salty breeze carry you to a place where time slows done, worries fade, and the only thing that matters is the next wave to ride.