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4 Tips to Help Your Summer Travels Go Smoothly

For many people, the summer is another name for vacation season. If you have any travel coming up, it’s important to stay on top of your plans. Keep reading for four tips to help your trip go swimmingly this summer. 

1. Prepare for Activities in Advance

While a vacation is supposed to be fun and exciting, not being adequately prepared can result in negative experiences. And this doesn’t just apply to booking hotels or flights. Every activity you want to do on your trip should be planned in advance. 

Excursions like sightseeing landmarks or visiting museums are popular tourist activities. That means tickets tend to sell out fast. Waiting to purchase a ticket upon arrival isn’t smart, especially if it’s for an activity you really want to try. To ensure your plans can be completed, make sure you buy all event tickets online before you leave town. Many of these tickets require that you choose a time slot, which can also help you plan your itinerary more accurately.

And speaking of itineraries, crafting a schedule of your whole trip can help you stay on track. Knowing where you will go on what day can eliminate any indecisiveness while on your vacation. A schedule can also act as a checklist that reminds you of all the places you want to see. Mapping out all these things beforehand will lessen the stress of having to choose what to do in the moment.

2. Make Pet-Friendly Decisions

Are you planning to bring along your fur baby on this upcoming trip? While taking a pet on vacation can be exciting, there are additional steps you must take to ensure smooth sailing. 

When it comes to traveling, having an animal with you can complicate things. Potty breaks can slow down road trips, and flights can require extra fees or requirements, like stowing them in cargo hold. These complications are one reason why pet transport services were created. These services provide experienced pet transporters who pick up your pet and deliver them to your destination for you. You won’t have to worry about keeping an eye on your pet on top of everything else while you travel. 

Additionally, it’s important to be mindful of pet laws where you travel. Some cities are strict about requiring dog leashes, and some parks or landmarks don’t allow any animals on the property. Many hotels or AirBnBs also don’t allow pets, and those that do usually charge a special fee. Make sure you do plenty of research and are knowledgeable before you jet off to your destination. Choose accommodations and experiences that are pet friendly.

3. Keep Your Health in Mind

While a vacation is supposed to be an escape, that doesn’t mean you should be irresponsible with your health. Preparing for any issues and staying on medicinal routines is important to ensure safe travels. 

New destinations are teeming with new experiences, but so too with new germs. Your body might be unfamiliar with the typical illnesses of the region, making you less likely to fight off sickness. Moreover, going to popular tourist spots or riding public transportation will especially expose you to germs. It’s a good idea to beef up your immune system by bringing along multivitamins or vitamin C. Additionally, bringing along medications you might need in case things go south. Allergy meds and Imodium are a good place to start. 

If you have food sensitivities, stay vigilant about what you eat. While dining out is a common activity on vacations, you might need to scour the menu or talk to staff about allergens. Ignoring your sensitivities can result in painful repercussions you’ll regret later. 

Having a chronic illness doesn’t have to get in the way of traveling, either. Though, it does require some extra responsibility. Make sure to bring along adequate supply of any required prescriptions, and set alarms to remind you to take them. Skipping a dose could bring along consequences that’ll affect your trip. 

And of course, you can’t forget to stay hydrated. This is especially true if you’re visiting a hot region or plan on participating in physical activities. Even walking around a city for a few hours can take its toll on your body’s hydration levels, as you might sweat. Try bringing along a water bottle or taking periodic drink breaks in between activities, and limit alcohol consumption.

4. Avoid Checking Luggage

Flying can be an exciting adventure, especially for those who don’t go on airplanes often. However, this type of transportation is known for having issues with luggage. Bags can get lost or damaged by airlines, and that’s just one more thing you shouldn’t have to worry about. 

Do your best to pack lightly and try to fit everything in a carry-on suitcase. Most airlines require these to be no bigger than 24 x 14 x 9 inches. While this might seem small, you can actually fit quite a few items in there if you pack and fold efficiently. Don’t bring more than you need, and don’t get carried with the back-up outfits. You don’t need five pairs of pants for a weekend getaway!

Many airlines allow a small suitcase and a personal item. Choose your personal item wisely. While you could consider a purse as a personal item, putting it in a backpack for the flight can provide more packing space. Sometimes you won’t be able to avoid checking your bags, but packing as lightly as possible is always a good idea. 

Let Yourself Relax

While being prepared and on top of travel plans is important, don’t let these aspects become a stressor. Adhering to your itinerary down to the minute might cause unwanted stress and take the fun out of your trip. One of the most important parts of going on vacation is to relax and have fun. So don’t forget to put your feet up and enjoy yourself.