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The top mobile games for animal lovers in 2023

Whether you love it or you hate it, there is no denying that technology has well and truly taken over this glorious planet of ours. People wear health trackers on their wrists, tablets are now a commonly purchased item, and our smartphones have become integral modern-day tools, with mobile gaming rising to prominence in recent times in particular.

While mobile gaming’s package hasn’t always appealed to people, the innovation in this space has led to dramatically improved products that have resulted in more and more people opening themselves up to gaming on their portable handheld devices. For animal lovers, there are some great games worth sampling on a smartphone device, with some titles offering the fun and entertainment people require at times. Of course, nothing can compare to owning a pet in real life and the joy they typically bring, but games based on the animals we know and love still provide a great deal of value. So, in case you’re keen to explore mobile gaming in more detail, let’s assess some of the top mobile games for animal lovers in 2023 so far.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp tasks players with creating an animal campsite

A favored choice for so many animal lovers, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is one of the best mobile games to play in this particular category. With players having to create a welcoming environment for an extensive selection of the planet’s most beautiful creatures, it’s an enjoyable mobile game to experience. Players also have to save animals, craft a variety of things, and even share gifts with friends who might play the game too. In terms of a relaxing gaming experience, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp nails it.

Epic Ape is part of a great collection of animal-themed slot games

Set in a lush tropical jungle and based loosely on the King Kong film franchise, Epic Ape is part of this excellent collection of animal-themed slot games. On the whole, slot games are easy to master and provide the fun many mobile gamers crave, with this particular product featuring six reels in what is an eye-catching, fully mobile-optimized HTML5 build. Also featuring other animals, such as a frog and a lizard, the game has 4096 ways to come out on top, with players able to spin their way to glory in what is a great title to play.

Crossy Road is a challenge being taken on by millions

Accessible on a variety of platforms, Crossy Road is a hugely popular game these days. Regarded by many as a modern-day version of Frogger, players have to guide a chicken to safety and avoid any oncoming vehicles, streams and others obstacles along the way. It isn’t the most intricate of releases, but it’s most definitely a challenge. It’s worth noting that the further you advance through the game, the more animals you’ll have to look after, too.

WildCraft is a hidden gem

Not everyone is aware of WildCraft, but they most definitely should be. An adventure RPG with pleasing visuals and a realistic feel, players play along as a wolf, lynx, fox, and a selection of other animals, all while trying to survive and fight off any ongoing threats. While the game is far from perfect, there’s more than enough for you to get your teeth into, especially if you’ve always wanted to raise your very own family of animals. WildCraft is fairly straightforward to play too, making it suitable for a wide variety of mobile gaming audiences.

Other mobile games for animal lovers in 2023 includes Super Phantom Cat, Rodeo Stampede, Pokemon Go, Ice Age Village, and Hay Day.