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Spice up your sex life with these naughty tricks.

In relationships and marriages, it’s pretty normal to face sexual boredom. It happens even to couples who are otherwise happy with their partners.

The Journal of Sex Research found that 27% of women and 41% of men are sexually dissatisfied in their current relationships.

Regular sex gets so repetitive and boring, so trying to spice things up is important. So, here are a few naughty tips and tricks that can help you add a little sizzle and spice to your sex life.

  1. Indulge in Quickies

Though the satisfaction of prolonged foreplay and a deep, sensual sex session is unbeatable, quickies can often be quite pleasurable.

They help you to break your normal sex schedule and can give you and your partner a sudden burst of happy hormones.

  1. Introduce props into the bedroom

Have you thought about getting a silk blindfold or furry handcuffs? What about toys like penis rings or vibrators?

No, sex toys are not just for self-pleasure or solo fun. Toys are a great way to switch things up in your relationship.

Whether you want to give control of yourself to your man or make her curl her toes in pleasure, use a rose vibrator during your next session. The insane amount of orgasms will surely bring back the charm in your relationship.

You can also get a lot of sex tools in your kitchen. Use whipped cream, honey, ice, Nutella, or chocolate sauce for a raucous sex session.

Fragrances can be a great source of titillation as well. Experiment with different perfumes and see how they open your senses and bring pleasure.

  1. Watch porn together

Watching porn with your partner can be a lovely way to get turned on. These saucy videos will give you a lot of ideas and tips. If both of you are a bit of a nerd, consider reading erotic stories together.

Pay attention to how your partner selects a story or video. You will get an idea of what they like and see if you can fulfill them.

  1. Consider trying new positions

For most people, sex gets limited to missionary or doggie style, even though the world of sex positions is endless.

So, get yourself educated on different positions. Discuss with your partner what they would like to try. Experiment to find the ones that fit both your body types. And you will be blown away by the orgasms they’ll bring.

Moreover, a lot of these positions require the body to be flexible. So, invest time in a fitness routine to try out the infinite possibilities and feel sexy.

  1. Take videos and photos when you are at it

Many couples find it hot to film themselves while doing the dirty. So, put your mobile phones on a tripod and get yourself filmed. Experiment with music, props, and lighting.

Not only will filming brings you great fun during the act, but it can also be a great pleasure to revisit these videos alone or with your partner.

However, prioritize security and store these videos and photos in a secret folder, not on the cloud. Save yourselves from being the talk of the town in an embarrassing way!

  1. Dress up naughty

Being naked together during a hot and steamy session is awesome. But to push your game to the next level, dress up in costumes like a sexy school girl, naughty professor, sultry nurse, thirsty vampire, etc.

Or, invest in glorious lingerie made of nets and laces. And your partner won’t be able to get their hands off you.

  1. Discuss your fantasies

It is normal to have some secret sexual desires or fantasies. Talk to your partner about them and know if they can fulfill them.

Don’t shy away from asking about your partner’s fantasies, either. You can also mix and match your ideas to keep your sex life exciting.


The grind of daily life can deplete your passion for your partner. So, take control of the situation and try some of the naughty tricks listed above.

Push the limits of your coyness and let your sexual energy flow. It will not only renew your relationship, but you will also discover renewed passion and love for life.