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The Health Benefits of A Yellow Dragon Fruit

Have you ever tasted the subtle sweetness of the white flesh and black-seeded inside of a pink dragon fruit? Think about this experience, but a much sweeter taste when thinking about Latin America’s most favorite yellow dragon fruit.

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What Is A Yellow Dragon Fruit?

Yellow dragon fruit is in the same cactus family as the pink dragon fruit. Rather than having pink skin with green leaf-like stems throughout like its Asian cousin, the yellow dragon fruit is a bright lemon yellow with green leaf-like stems.

Grown in the northern part of South America, its other names are yellow pitaya or the yellow pitahaya. Farms in Ecuador and Colombia also have the fruit available. People in the United States can see yellow dragon fruit for sale in grocery stores between October and December when it produces the utmost abundance.

The Health Benefits Of A Yellow Dragon Fruit

The yellow dragon fruit has multiple antioxidants in it such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Consuming fruits rich in Vitamin A (100 IUs) helps to improve your vision and the overall functioning of your immune system. Vitamin C (4 mg) improves your cartilage, blood vessel formation, collagen restoration, and muscle development.

Omega-3 fatty acids in the dragon fruit’s white flesh help to reduce inflammation in your body. The gut flora in our bodies breaks down the prebiotics in the yellow dragon fruit to convert it into fuel for us to achieve our day’s goals after eating this delicious snack.

Consuming yellow dragon fruit also gives you access to other important vitamins and minerals. Magnesium, potassium, iron, and niacin are the top four nutrients in yellow dragon fruit.

Its high water content and dietary fiber can help to clean your body out. Hence, eat yellow dragon fruit in moderation so that it does not cause you to constantly have to use the bathroom.

Nutritional Facts Of A Yellow Dragon Fruit

Six ounces of a yellow dragon fruit’s white flesh is about 102 calories. The little black seeds inside its flesh are also hemp-derived edibles, which gives the fruit its rich source of fiber. The fiber intake for this serving size is 5 mg.

Yellow dragon fruit can help you to build strong bones because of the 31 mg of calcium. Natural sugars accumulate to 13 grams, which is not too bad for a sweeter version of the pink dragon fruit.

The whopping 68 mg of magnesium makes up for about 17% to 21% of an adult’s recommended daily intake of the nutrient. Harvard School of Public Health recommends that an adult male aged 19-51 intake at least 400 mg of magnesium daily while a woman in the same age bracket should consume at least 310 mg of the nutrient.

What Is the Best Way To Consume A Yellow Dragon Fruit?

Consume one serving as a snack by itself. You can eat it alongside your favorite nuts for a healthy addition of beneficial fats to your meal. Add it to a leafy green salad for a subtle sweetness or to a fruit salad to enhance its flavors.

After consuming yellow dragon fruit, be sure to drink plenty of water. Drink a few cups of water after eating dragon fruit to aid digestion, detoxification, and regular bowel movements. Hence, if you are having trouble with regularity, try some yellow dragon fruit to expedite it.


If you have ever tried the Asian pink dragon fruit, it’s time to try its yellow Latin American cousin. We hope you like the taste and its health benefits!