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Commitment fever or Fear of Missing Out? Revealing Challenges in Relationship

The butterflies you feel in your stomach at the beginning of your relationship feel amazing. Right? But as you proceed towards a more serious phase of the relationship, you’ll encounter some serious troubles. It’s normal to witness arguments, differences, and disagreements. It’s part of a healthy relationship. However, that in no way means that you ignore them all. Otherwise, the relationship might not continue for long. If you see the relationship failing, you aren’t alone. Below is the most common relationship challenges that people have revealed.

Not giving personal space.

You might not even realize that you spend almost all your time together at the beginning of your relationship. It’sThis newfound excitement makes it easy to forget hobbies and other likes. But know that keeping your personal life alive strengthens your relationship at the core. Avoid becoming co-dependent. Instead, strive to become independent partners in love.

Not appreciating enough

It’s a human tendency to crave attention, care, and appreciation. One of the major issues that people in relationships face is a lack of appreciation from their partners. When you’ve been in a long-term relationship, you might slip into being a little unappreciative. Taking your partner for granted can result in arguments over little things. The underlying factors include appearing distant, emotional outbursts, and lack of excitement on important occasions.

Commitment issues

Couples across the world complain of having commitment issues with their partners. Here are a couple of common signs of commitment issues in a relationship:

No emotional attachment

Past filled with short-term relationships

Lack of meaningful communication

Isn’t excited about taking a relationship to the next level

A long-term and serious relationship isn’t on the table

Inconsistent behavior

Answering late texts & calls

If that’s the case, you should immediately seek relationship & marriage counseling. A little help from a professional will help you navigate the difficulties of relationships smoothly.


Social media has unfolded a pool of opportunities for this generation, especially regarding dating. Meeting new people has become easier than ever. You can always expect to meet someone more interesting, compatible, or attractive online. This gives rise to the feeling of FOMO or fear of missing out in our minds. Individuals tend to think there’s someone better out there instead of appreciating what they’ve got with their partner. Finding yourself at a crossroads regarding your relationship? Marriage or couple’s counseling is the key to a solution.

Past trauma

Not everyone is privileged enough to be brought up in a good home. People carry baggage from broken homes, poor upbringing, childhood conflicts, and past-relationship trauma. All such unfortunate experiences pile up over time and leave behind tough mental scars. Consequently, this leads to frequent bursts of anger, arguments, frustration, and reduced physical & emotional intimacy.


Money is a need for life, and couples frequently fight over money. Financial strain is a frequent issue that, if not properly treated, may have disastrous effects on relationships and mental health. According to research, more than half of all couples have debt before marriage.

It’s a good idea to clearly define your financial responsibilities and your partner’s. It’sCreating a basic budget is easy, and having one can help you avoid many pointless fights. Learn how to discuss money with your partner for further advice.


Intimacy in a relationship entails a feeling of being close, emotionally attached, and supported. One of the most important aspects of romantic relationships is sexual intimacy, and problems with intimacy can arise for various reasons. A lack of emotional connection frequently causes lack of intimacy. You can experience a distance from your lover as a result. Your partnership may suffer from problems like children and busy schedules that might affect your sexual closeness.


Every relationship has its peculiarities, flaws, and particular difficulties. But that doesn’t mean you can’t resolve any problems to give your partner and yourself a happier and more secure environment. Behavioral reasons, insecurities, codependence, past experiences, power struggles, unsolved disputes, communication breakdowns, or a lack of communication can all be causes of relationship problems. Professional help could go a long way in strengthening your relationship. So, never shy away from it.