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The 5 Pillars of a Successful Workation

One of the latest trends in business is people working remotely and going on vacations without letting their time away from the office affect their productivity and success. With the fast pace of business, many careers have yet to have the opportunity to go on long vacations because just one day may be enough for entire projects to fail.

That’s why lots of people decide to take a workation. We talked previously on this blog about workations, and if you’ve been interested in this subject, you might want to know the five pillars of a successful workation.

A successful workation can not be measured, and it’s different for everyone. Still, it is an activity that is supposed to be fun and let you do your job simultaneously. If you want to know more about it, follow up and read what you must know about having a successful workation.

1. Don’t forget all the items needed for work

When you’re in the office or home, you’ve already set up your routine, and you know where the mouse is, where you can print documents, and what is needed for a successful Zoom meeting. When you go on a vacation, everything’s different, and if you leave some items at home, it’s tough to replace them.

Before taking off, list all the items required for a successful work day. See if you have the mouse, the laptop, and the tablet you consider essential for you. Find out if the place you’re headed has an internet connection and a printer, and see if you have all the necessary needs for a successful working day.

2. Think about where you’ll sleep

All people have a different understanding of what a wonderful vacation is. Some would love to go to a 7-star hotel, while others prefer camping under the open sky. Both are excellent if you’re into them, but you must focus on the amenities and features the vacation will offer for a successful working day.

If you’re going to a luxury hotel, you will probably have everything you need, but if you’re camping in the mountains, it would be better to pack the vital things.

For this, you will need a vehicle capable of storing everything inside and taking you to the places you’re craving for. Think of a UTE or an off-road vehicle with an OZY toolbox installed in the rear tray. An UTE canopy toolbox and a 4WD system is probably an excellent choice.

3. Research the area before heading out

To be sure that you’ll have a great time, you should know where you’re headed. Some people are adventurers, and that’s great, but to truly have fun and enjoy yourself while having the time to work on your tasks means knowing exactly where you’re going and what there is to see and do.

Research the area and find out what there is to do. Find out if there are mountains to hike, bike, or climb. See if there’s a lake to visit or an ocean to dive in. Find out if there are things you’ll love doing and you have no chance to do these activities at home. That’s a true workation.

4. Make a schedule and stick to it

Once you realize what is there to see and do, it’s time to make a schedule for your activities. This is probably the single most important issue to mind if you want to have a great time on your workation. Make a schedule for when you wake up, exercise, eat, work, and relax. Once you do it, stick to it.

Following a schedule is crucial because people often work too hard on workations. There’s always something else to be done, and once you enter this vicious cycle, it’s tough getting out. Before you realize it, you’ve spent your entire day working without the time and energy to do anything else. Instead, know when it is time for work and when it is time for play.

5. Understand that you’re more on vacation than you’re at work

Following the previous paragraph, you must stick to the schedule and know that you’re on vacation and not on a work trip. It’s called workation, which means you’re both working and vacationing, but since you’re leaving home and the office, you’re more on vacation than at work.

Have this locked in your mind. Spend more time enjoying yourself than you’d be working. Explore the area, meet new people, try new food, learn about new cultures, or do something you love but have no time doing at home.


A workation is a beautiful concept that is an excellent way of showing that work and fun are not necessarily against each other. If you plan well and prioritize appropriately, you can have a wonderful time outside your home and office while not missing one bit of your tasks.