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How Hackers Harm Businesses and Ways to Protect Yourself

Modern businesses are entirely connected to the internet. Everything they own and work with is online. With all assets on the internet, it’s only natural to want to protect yourself from digital thieves, also known as hackers.damage

Cyber protection is a big issue in the business world today. Sources say that by 2025, hacking will cost the industry a staggering $10,5 trillion annually. For comparison, the entire US GDP in 2021 was 23 trillion. No country other than the USA and China can match this number.

Only one thing comes to mind with all these facts: setting up a flawless cybersecurity system. If you’re working in Australia, you want the best network security provider in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, or some of the other big cities. They will know how to protect you.

If you’re wondering why you need the protection and want to know the best practices for doing this, keep reading and find out everything about cyber security and what this protection means.

Hackers use simple tactics to breach your security

Hackers use simple but effective tactics to breach your security. They have various strategies, and you’ll be surprised how many people fall on the most obvious of them. Employees in the office do not care too much about what links they click, and they’ll often ignore the possible threat and click on a virus that instantly allows access to the office network for hackers.

They will send an email impersonating someone else and trick employees into thinking they are talking to their bosses, opening links that let the hackers get inside the corporate systems. From there on, it’s smooth sailing for them and very bad news for the employees and the company owners.

The damage may be unthinkable

The average damage caused by hackers in one intrusion is $4.24 million. That means if one employee is scammed, and they provide the corporate passwords, for example, the hackers can do staggering damage to your company.

When you think that one hacking attempt occurs every 11 seconds, you can’t help but wonder when it will happen to you. It’s not a matter of if but more of a when. Protection is a must if you don’t want to be another victim.

Many businesses will shut their doors entirely due to hacking attacks that destroy everything they have. Not all hackers intrude to steal; some do it just for fun. Of course, most will ask for ransom not to delete all the data the company has or find other ways to harm you, but it’s not something new to see a company stop working due to a hacking attack.

Educating employees is at the top of the priority list

Educating your employees about what might be a phishing attempt and what is forbidden from opening at work is the first thing to do if you want to prevent your company from getting in trouble. Most of the issues businesses face come from careless employees.

The second thing to worry about is the actual hacking from criminals who are not waiting on anybody. These hackers are too professional to wait on your employees to make a mistake, and they will find a way to get inside. When this happens, the only thing left is damage control. You will need a professional anti-hacking firm to handle this problem.

In many cases, business owners and no one inside the company knows they’ve been hacked. Lots of hackers will get inside and do nothing. They just keep the passwords stored and wait for the right time to attack. The average time for realizing that a company was hacked is 280 days.

How to protect your systems?

Aside from teaching employees about the potential dangers, you should protect your data too. Upload everything on the cloud and never allow anyone to steal your most sensitive information. Some business owners will take everything off the grid and have the valuable data stored in offline hard drives.

Change your passwords frequently. Allow two-step verification on everything you own. Find ways to protect your data by all means. Don’t think this won’t happen to you, and if you’re not skilled in these things, it’s best to hire an agency that knows how to protect your business.


Hackers are everywhere around us, and they are not wearing hoodies as you’ve seen in Hollywood movies. They are ordinary people who probably work 9-5 jobs but spend their free time trying to get the most out of their hacking skills.

Some hackers are true professionals and do nothing else but hack. In both cases, you should protect your business from getting into their hands. Educate your employees, hire an agency to implement anti-hacking practices, and always be aware of the potential dangers.