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Something Interesting for Automating the Workspace

Every workspace, whether at home or work, should be comfortable and productive. One of the best ways to make your life easier and your task performance less stressful is to incorporate automated technology. Do you know what technological solutions can help you with this?

Many people struggle to achieve success. The issue is that the majority of them do not have a properly organized environment that can drive productivity. Furthermore, those of you who work from home are aware that there may be numerous unexpected issues throughout the day. As a result, every minute counts. This is where you can take advantage of Progressive Desk‘s automated technology. It will allow you to save time and complete tasks more quickly while keeping an eye on all processes within the workspace.

Workspace Automation Ideas

The advantages of using automation technology vary depending on the field of its application. Here are some of them:

  • Reduced operational costs;
  • Improved performance;
  • Faster completion of tasks;
  • Reduction of errors caused by humans.

Although the majority of businesses intend to reopen their office departments and get their employees back into offices, approximately 70% of businesses report that they will use a mixed work style. They will make it possible for their employees to work from any location they choose. Here are some ideas for workspace equipment that you would like to use:

1. EZQuest GaN 120 W USB-C Charger

It is a handy little tool that you should have in your workspace. It is much smaller than its competitor, the Apple 96 Watt USB-C. The charger is equipped with a USB-A port and two USB-C ports.

It works with both laptops and tablets. It will stay cool while charging your devices thanks to the built-in NTC. Furthermore, it takes up little space and eliminates the need for a lot of wiring.

2. Sit-Stand Desk

Every employee wants to feel at ease at work. A sit-stand desk allows you to do that by setting a desk height that is ideal for the way you work, while also distributing an equal load on your body organs.

With such an automated solution, you will no longer suffer from fatigue and occasional back and neck pains. You can create an ideal work surface every day by pressing a single button on the control panel.

3. Smart Coffee Mug

The mug can tell its owner everything about the liquid poured into it, from the level of fat and sugar to the amount of caffeine, thanks to special indicators and a mobile application. Each cup has a convenient lid, a nonstick inner coating, and a frontal elongated screen that communicates the nutritional value of the drink.

The device does not require constant recharging because it can be turned off and on by simply tilting its body. Furthermore, such devices include a built-in hydration detector, which uses a colour strip to tell the user how much water he should drink per day based on his height, weight, and physique. This information should be pre-entered into the application via a smartphone.

4. BenQ InstaShow S WDC20

It is a unique wireless device that is intended for use in presentations. Its technical capabilities enable several speakers to instantly and wirelessly display content on a projector or display.

It does not require the installation of additional drivers, settings, or the verification of compatibility with the operating system and other equipment to be used. To get started with InstaShow S WDC20, simply connect the button module to an image source (such as a laptop). The gadget is compatible with any device (smartphones, tablets).

5. Timekettle WT2 Plus AI Translator

This device is one of the best translation headphones you can buy for communicating with speakers of different languages wherever you are. It will save you time and money in the search for an interpreter.

It is easy to use because it does not require any additional customization. The device supports 36 languages and 86 accents. It also has various speech modes for a more accurate perception of the interlocutor’s speech.

Whether you choose a traditional work environment or remote work, you will need to set up a functional workspace. Automated technology will assist you in accomplishing this through the use of smart devices that can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet.