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Secret Life of H.G Wells

Herbert George Wells, the internationally celebrated English writer, was born in the Bromley area of Kent, England, on September 21st, 1866. He was a renowned novelist, historian, teacher, and journalist. HG Wells penned dozens of artistic works, including short stories, novels, autobiographies, and biographies. The author was particularly acclaimed as a gifted writer of science fiction.

Well’s book, The Time Machine, is a highly acclaimed and phenomenal work that catapulted him to literary fame. Other famous titles by Wells include War of the Worlds and The Invisible Man. The renowned author, who was dubbed as “the Shakespearean father of science fiction,” died in 1946.

Despite his fame as a distinguished man of letters, the secret life of HG Wells, particularly his erotic liaisons with a coterie of women, is both controversial and shocking.

The Shocking Sex Life of HG Wells

HG Wells was recently unveiled as a determined, unrelenting, and unapologetic advocate of free love. As Wells himself famously said towards the end of his life, “I have pleased myself tremendously through romantic deeds.., every iota of sexual impulse in me… has fully expressed itself. Let me admit it, I am immoral and have preyed on admirers.”

Interestingly, a newly launched biography reveals some graphic, sordid details about the author’s intriguing sex life. HG Wells has been described as an irresistible magnet that strongly attracted women. Indeed, most of the women’s adulterous appetites drove them to follow him passionately, even if it meant they would die.

Much of the prolific writer’s erotic life was generally unknown by his adoring fans. His extraordinary literary exploits were more than matched by his overactive and unusual sexual thirst that led him to dally in fascinating sexual encounters with many young women. Some of them laid out elaborate love traps that would catch the all-too-willing scholar-turned sexual predator.

At one time, Wells shockingly had sex with a woman within a church building. He would later have more sex with her in the nearby bushes.

The “Unattractive” Romantic Lover

It did not deter that Wells was apparently sexually unappealing, going by his physical attributes. His appearance was even described as “unprepossessing.”  The renowned writer is also described as “a short man with a high-pitched voice and a tubby in tow.” Regardless, Wells proved to be the undisputed champion of indiscriminate love escapades that paired him with an amazing multiplicity of partners. Never mind that he was already married to two wives.

One of Wells’ first documented secret lovers was Amber Reeves. The young lady was the daughter of New Zealand’s High Commissioner to the UK, William Reeves. When they first met, Amber was barely 18. She studied at the Cambridge, Newnham College, was brilliant and intellectually gifted. She was a great admirer of HG Wells and enthusiastically shared his philosophies. Interestingly, Wells already had three other lovers, Rosamund Bland, Dorothy Richardson, and Violet Hunt.

Regardless, the relationship between Wells and Amber gradually grew intimate, with the two enjoying a peculiar closeness. Wells described the illicit affair as “romantically spontaneous,” suggesting that Amber lured him with her youthful magnetic enthusiasm.

Sex in a Church Building

The two rented a room near the Victoria Station in Warwick. This became the love birds’ ever-cozy nest. They went for long walks and ate at restaurants.  Sometimes Wells made love to Amber in the bushy, windy area near Hythe. They even once made love in a local church building. Of course, the affair soon became a scandal with Amber revealing the matter to her mother, lecturers, and fellow students.

When Amber demanded to have a child with him, Wells was more than ready. He later sent some letters addressing the newborn as “Dear Pup,” assuring it of “daddy’s love.”

Years later, the author admitted “feeling happiness and unregretted exhilaration as well as relishing a sense of sin” in these illicit affairs.

The Russian Spy Lover

In the 1930s, HG wells got involved in yet another steaming love affair with Moura Benckendorf, who was the official interpreter of Maxim Gorky, a Russian writer. Moura became one of Wells’ most enigmatic lovers.

As author Andrea Lynn revealed, Moura feigned love to gain access to HG Well’s high circle of friends. In her book, the “Shadow Lovers,” Lynn says that through Moura, Wells met Benard Shaw Sydney, and Beatrice Wells, and Stalin. After this meeting, the communist dictator received international praise. Wells thought of Moura as an elusive woman of surprises. She once pretended to be pregnant with him.

Later still, HG Wells had a fling with Odette Keun, a Dutch writer who greatly admired him. She famously lured Wells into a room that was ready and prepared for sex. Of course, Wells could not resist. The pair soon moved into Well’s winter abode in France to enjoy a brief romantic escapade.