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Road trip? Use these tips to keep your pet comfy.

Summers are perfect for taking a long trip. Also, road trips are a perfect way to travel with your pets. Yes, a road trip with your cat or dog is something you can do. It is fun, comfortable, and memorable. You are not wrong if you are worried about how your pet will react. Pets are a pleasure to travel with, but they are also challenging. You can never predict what your pet will do next. Maybe jump into your lap while you are driving at high speed. Or make a mess of the car or put their face out the window. All these scenarios can come true. But don’t let it deter you from taking your pet on the road trip. Take some precautions, follow some safety rules, and remember some tips. All this will ensure you and your dog have the best time.

Check in the vet

Before hitting the road, bringing your pet to the vet is always a good idea. A checkup to see if they are healthy and updated on their vaccinations. Many states require a certificate for the same while you travel. Checking in with the vet is good for all this. Moreover, ask for a copy of the medical record for your pet and take it with you. It is helpful when you travel and need to take your pet to a different vet. Also, if the pet seems anxious while traveling, talk about treatment options. Lastly, get a few common medications for pets from your doctor.

A pet bed

In the car, your pet may need a pet bed to sleep when not in their seat. Also, when road-tripping, you stop at many hotels and motels. To ensure your pet sleeps soundly and comfortably, you need their bed. Having their own bed to sleep in gives them comfort.

Plan a pet-friendly route.

Your pet will need regular breaks for bathroom breaks and exercise when they are on the road. So, choose a route that has enough scope for walks. Most bathrooms on every route have an area or place where the pet can relieve themselves. Yet, it is better to know about all this before you hit the road. Also, account for the break time in your schedule so you don’t speed away.

Ensure the pet has proper identification.

You don’t want to lose your dog, especially in an unfamiliar and new place. But it is also a scenario you need to prepare for. Therefore, get a microchip fitted for your pet. It will ensure you can find them if they easily separate from you. Also, have a proper pet ID tag to make it easier to locate your pet. The pet Id should have all the critical information.

Have practice trips 

Before you take your long road trip with the pet, take practice trips. It is essential because pets are anxious in cars. Being cooped up on a long ride can make them feel like this. Thus, taking short trips as a practice that ends in positive reinforcement can help. For instance, take a 45-minute trip to a pet store where they can get treats or to a dog park. All this helps prepare the pet for their road trip.

Practice with a crate

If you plan to put the pet in a crate during the trip, practice it. Start two weeks earlier to familiarize them with the idea of being in a crate for a long time. If the pet has never been in a crate, start making it familiar with it. For instance, keep it inside the house with the gate open and treats inside. Let the pet go inside and get familiar with it. Then, slowly close the gate until the pet is ready for you to fully close the gate.

Plan for the mess

Taking your pet on a road trip implies a few messes here and there. So plan for it by bringing in extra trash bags and towels. Also, have seat covers to ensure the mess doesn’t dirty your car’s interior.

Long road trips mean you cannot leave your pet unless you make your friends or family pet sit. That works, but with these precautions, you can take them on the trip and have fun. You make memories and have the best fun ever.