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Ranking of countries with the biggest popularity of online casinos

Online gambling has been gaining popularity recently. And this is understandable – it’s convenient and gives all the emotions and expectations, as well as the offline version. You can play offline with various restrictions. You can play online without being tied to a country or place.

Most online casinos can be used from many places. And in what countries is it the most popular? Who can be the leader of Internet gambling, and what are the features of this sport in the country? We will find out below.

Before you dive headfirst into online gambling because it is available, you should still first see the laws of the country where you are going to bet. Also, you should read the rules of the online casinos too. This will help you to bet correctly, not waste money, and not to have problems in the future.


One of the most popular countries for betting around the globe. And Canadians themselves like to bet on the internet: studies say that about 75% of Canadians make bets online. The laws for that vary from state to state, and in most of them, casinos are legal. The online gambling license is issued by local authorities, and almost every state has at least one gambling site.

If the casino does not have such a license, it can only accept bets at the local level. But Canadians themselves can play in any online casino. Foreign sites do not need to obtain a special license to accept bets from Canadians. But they are not allowed to target Canadian audiences.

The average Canadian spends about C$570 a year on internet casinos. Also, it is worth mentioning that echeck casinos will take from you to start betting. This is a positive thing, especially if you want to try or simply don’t want to spend more than your set budget. It is safe to say that this is their favourite pastime.


The country can be called the capital of gambling. It has such a famous destination as Las Vegas – the gambling capital of the world (some cities would argue with that, though).

Although not all states initially had liberal gambling laws, they gradually began to be simplified. Today, about 70% of all American players bet online and spend more than $35.5 billion a year on it.

States such as Maryland, Arizona, and Florida have begun allowing online and offline casinos. Some others simply allowed their citizens to bet offshore. Perhaps for that reason, they have such a large amount of gambling costs per year.

Permissions for online gambling by state:

  • New Jersey: online casinos are legal.
  • West Virginia: only online sports betting is legal. But others will also be available soon.
  • Delaware: almost all games are allowed, including poker.
  • Oregon: only sports betting and horse racing are allowed.
  • Indiana: completely forbidden.
  • Pennsylvania: online casinos are legalized from 2019.
  • California: the situation is still in question. Maybe online poker will be legal soon.
  • Iowa: allowed.

United Kingdom

UK residents are also very keen gamblers, so the country has provided them with strict laws that protect players. Only in 2021 a new batch of laws was passed governing online casinos. Britain can be called the country with the strictest laws on gambling. That is, it is also the safest country to bet online.

It is very easy to check whether this online betting site is legal in the UK or not. There is a special gambling commission that sets the rules of online casinos and monitors their activities.


Asia is usually known for its very strict laws on this activity. But in Japan, everything is a little different. Well, king of. This direction is cautiously regulated in the country and, for the most part, is safe for customers. This is probably why Japanese players bet on more than 18.6 billion dollars/year.


In 2001, Australia passed the Interactive Gambling Act, which clearly regulates the activities of the gambling businesses. As for the laws for players, they are quite liberal. There is an official list of allowed sites, but citizens can also bet offshore.

The most popular type of game here is poker. About 48% of all players choose it. In general, Australia is one of the countries with the most gamblers. Statistics say that about 80% of the country’s population bets online. And they also spend a lot – about 1288 Australian dollars a year. So it is not surprising that the state wants to regulate this sphere.


The approximate situation for online gambling in the world is this: it is allowed, but with certain regulations from the law. Which, theoretically, is logical – in terms of money, it is a very profitable business for countries. But also dangerous at the same time due to many fraudsters and the risk of addiction.

It all depends on us. The choice of an online casino just needs to be approached responsibly so that there will be no problems, and you could get a lot of excitement and emotions from the game.