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Make Your Melbourne Home More Child Friendly — 6 Really Cool Tips

There’s nothing like those little ones’ voices in the house, right? But wait until one of them starts screaming after getting hurt! Then it’s a whole new ball game and perhaps you wish you moved some of the furniture or locked a cupboard to make the house less of a hazard and more child friendly?

You can’t change everything about your house when you get kids but there are innovative ways to make it safer and even much user-friendlier for kids. Ever thought about how a new carpet or skylights Melbourne parents install can transform your home without ruining the aesthetics? And don’t worry, you’ll still love the house too! After all…adults need to live there too.

Here are our top tips.

Skylights for the Win

Firstly, with skylights in the right places, you can make your home’s interior healthier for your child to live in. And more attractive too.

For health reasons, if a skylight allows improved ventilation there will be less mould and damp inside. This will lead to fewer allergic reactions, so your home is helping to limit those visits to the doctor.

Skylights can also help you turn unused spaces into a bright kids’ area. For example, imagine the dark attic becoming the kids’ new favorite hangout! Away from your priceless art or antique dresser. There they can play and mess to their heart’s content instead of harming your valuables or getting hurt playing around your home office furniture.

Also, with modern skylights channeling maximum amounts of light into your home, you have brighter spaces. Kids will be able to navigate better as they move around at times when the home usually starts getting darker.

And of course, all adults will enjoy a lighter environment too!

Invest in Carpet Tiles

One risk you may want to manage is your little one’s head being injured from a fall. Adding a layer of carpet is a step in the right direction. But how long will a carpet look new? Of course, there will be spills you simply can’t prevent so thinking long-term is a wise and budget-friendly strategy.

For floor coverings, rather than purchase expensive carpets, why not put down carpet tiles? On today’s market, you get all colours and types. And if your little one makes a mess you can’t clean, simply replace that one tile!

Add More Plants

Another feature that all in the home can enjoy is adding more plants. This can also lead to a healthier environment as some plants help filter the air.

You may be apprehensive if you think of tiny hands carrying soil all over the house but hanging green houseplants out of their reach can have a calming effect while serving as classy decor. That’s perhaps wiser than having an expensive vase on the table which they can break when curiosity gets the better of them.

Also, a bit of soil is less hazardous than sharp pieces of glass or ceramics, right?

And, if you allow them to help pick out the plants, they may surprise you in how well they look after them.

Get Them in On Decisions

As you start changing your home, why not get the kids in on the planning? Asking for their input can make them proud of new and neat room setups, motivating them to help you keep it that way. Or, allowing them to pick out the pillows you want them to sit on in the den – rather than on your couch – can make them accept the rules rather than sparking a crying frenzy.

Only Buy Rounded for a While

You may want to put off buying new furniture until the kids are a bit older. But chances are that sooner or later you’ll need a new sofa or side table. Or perhaps you’re a young couple furnishing your house now and want it safe for when kids arrive one day?

Our winning tip: buy items with rounded corners as much as possible. You already have a huge win if there are fewer sharp corners that can hurt them.

Optimise Outside

To limit the number of issues inside the house, another smart strategy is to make sure the kids are playing outside as much as possible.

Yes, you want them to use their imagination, but you may have to put some effort into drawing them outside. Otherwise, digital devices or a comfy couch will always seem more attractive.

So, can you build a tree house or create a kids’ corner they can call their own? Allow them to help set it up and decorate it and it will be their favorite new space – leaving you to enjoy your sofa in peace.


Kids are the joy of our lives. But with smart parenting strategies, it can be an even better experience for everyone involved!!