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Looking to fund your next trip with your digital assets? Here are the top 6 crypto-friendly destinations in the world

Cryptocurrencies have seen a growing popularity in recent years, and investors are excited to use their assets to pay for products and services. Luckily, many companies worldwide have embraced digital currencies, accepting them as payment methods. This means you can buy bitcoin online and then spend it how you want, whether to get your dream car or to travel the world.

Funding your next trip with crypto is a great idea if you don’t want to worry about carrying physical money that could be stolen or losing your wallet. Your crypto will always be secure in your digital wallet. However, not all countries that may be on your travel bucket list accept crypto payments. So, the first thing you want to do is ensure that a destination is crypto-friendly. To make things easier for you, we have created a list of the top 6 places in the world that embrace digital currencies. Read on!


Although it is a small city, the capital of Slovenia is a top destination when it comes to crypto adoption. Even if its population accounts for less than 300 000, 11 BTC ATMs are available in the city, with over 200 vendors accepting payment in BTC. For instance, Tus, Slovenia’s largest grocery store chain, allows customers to pay with their digital assets.

In fact, Ljubljana is famous for its Bitcoin City – a mall where all shops use blockchain as part of their operations and where buyers can use their BTC to purchase what they want. This is possible because the mall has introduced the Elly payment system, an online platform merchants use to accept alternative forms of payment, including cryptocurrencies. Moreover, there are many blockchain enterprises in Slovenia, and the country has even taken a suitable approach to regulate digital currencies that enables growth and innovation while also protecting customers.


Amsterdam is not only famous for its delicious food, exciting culture and vibrant nightlife. In recent years, it has also drawn interest due to its positive outlook on cryptocurrency. The lovely city is home to Bitcoin Boulevard – a street where vendors, shops, and merchants have included Bitcoin in their payment system. In fact, there are more than 40 vendors in the city who accept BTC and numerous crypto ATMs where you can withdraw tokens.

The city’s positive attitude towards digital assets makes it an appealing destination for those looking to fund their trip with crypto. You can visit the Bitcoin Embassy in Amsterdam, where crypto community members promote Bitcoin in different interesting ways. In fact, Europeans consider Amsterdam the perfect place for thriving crypto startups.


Prague really stands out as one of the best destinations that will transport you to another world, as it exudes an old charm and offers many breathtaking views. Prague is indeed a vibrant city, and there’s a lot you can see and do there, but did you know it is also a top crypto leader in Europe? That’s right – if you decide to visit it, you will be able to rent an apartment by using your tokens. But you can also pay for food and buy many other services and products.

The 2nd apartment bought with digital currencies (more precisely, for 35 Bitcoins) is actually located in Prague. Moreover, the city is home to Bitcoin coffee, a famous espresso bar where customers can only pay with Bitcoin – a real paradise for crypto enthusiasts!


Canada is a welcoming country for digital assets and blockchain technology. In the country’s capital, Toronto, people can pay with their tokens for different services and goods, including clothes, rent, mortgage – even dentist appointments. But you can also spend your crypto on cryotherapy or coffee at a board game bar as you enjoy a unique and fun experience.

The government has a supportive attitude towards cryptocurrencies, and the city has the biggest concentration of blockchain startup companies in the country. Even large universities are headquartered in Toronto, and a vast talent pool is looking for job opportunities in the crypto space. Crypto acceptance may not be the norm in the city, but it is safe to say that one would be able to survive on crypto for most of their needs if they went cashless.


Rome is still one of tourists’ favorite destinations, which is unsurprising. With its stunning landscape, rich culture, and history, Rome never fails to awe travelers. And as reports have shown, the beautiful capital of Italy also has a place among the most crypto-friendly destinations worldwide.

The city has around 20 hotels allowing guests to pay with digital assets. But that’s not all – there are also 5 bars and restaurants and 2 nightclubs that accept crypto as payment. So, if you dream of visiting the Eternal City, you can rest assured that you will be able to pay with your crypto easily.

San Francisco

San Francisco is a stunning destination, offering travelers the opportunity to have an extraordinary vacation. The city is famous for its iconic landmarks, like Alcatraz Island, and also for its vibrant neighborhoods, diverse culture, and world-class cuisine.

And since it is a vibrant tech hub, it is not surprising that the city embraces crypto payments.

You can pay with your tokens for your meal, rent a room at a hotel, or spend them at a shopping center, a nightclub, or a café. Nearly 200 merchants in the city accept Bitcoin and around 60 ATMs process crypto conversions – which are great figures, given that San Francisco has a relatively small population.

Final thoughts

As you can see, many cities in the world have adopted crypto, making it a part of the local everyday life. So, if you are a crypto enthusiast looking for a suitable vacation spot, we hope this article has offered you some ideas of the best destinations you can choose. As cryptocurrency’s usage is only growing, more countries are expected to become forward-thinking and accept them as payment alternatives.

What are you waiting for? Get your digital wallet ready, and have the time of your life as you explore one of these wonderful crypto-friendly places.