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Kratom Tea: Effects on Men’s Health

Is there any relationship between kratom and sex? Although the plant isn’t popular in mainstream avenues, individuals looking for a natural solution turn to it for numerous health reasons.

“These leaves come in various forms. Natural kratom capsules (view this page) are the most popular, but the herb is also available in powders and tea. Are you ready to explore the wonders of this tree?

Keep reading to discover how kratom could potentially benefit male health.

What Is Kratom Tea?

This intriguing tea is a flavorful beverage made by steeping the leaves of the kratom plant in boiling water. These trees are native to certain parts of Southeast Asia and have stimulating properties.

Some users claim that the plant assists with medical issues and improves energy and health. The leaves brewed into tea contain various chemical compounds that interact with the receptors in the brain.

Can kratom help with everyday life? The herb has multiple applications. There’s also a list of uses specific to male health that may be interesting to explore in more detail.

How Does Kratom Impact Health?

In Asia, kratom is a traditional remedy for fatigue, pain, and diarrhea. While the treatment isn’t Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved, anecdotal evidence suggests there might be some truth to these reports.

Some of these health advantages include:

Improved Mood

Studies claim kratom has antidepressant qualities that reportedly help lower corticosterone levels. While the herb isn’t an opioid, some of its effects mirror treatments like morphine and codeine.

One of the active ingredients in kratom is mitragynine, which interacts with the opioid receptors in the brain. Many believe this is how the plant relieves pain and induces antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects.

Some claim that the plant directly impacts the serotonin and dopamine receptors responsible for mood fluctuations.

These alleged disposition-boosting sensations result in some users treating kratom as an aphrodisiac. Scientists should conduct more research on how the herb affects emotions.

Pain Relief

Sipping a cup of freshly brewed kratom tea may alleviate cramps, aches, and pains. Aside from mitragynine, the plant contains other potent compounds.

One of these is 7-hydroxymitragynine, which many believe reduces pain. Studies show that the alkaloid is 13 times more potent than morphine.

Unlike opioids, these analgesic benefits don’t cause constipation. Kratom also has a lower risk of respiratory depression compared to pharmaceutical alternatives.

Energy Boost

A fast-paced lifestyle requires a lot of energy. Many users ingest the leaves for improved stamina and a kratom libido boost.

Each kratom strain has different qualities. White vein options improve virility and give you an extra jolt of energy.


Stress and tension are common afflictions and negatively impact health. These emotions could also lower your confidence and affect your social interactions. Kratom’s influence on your body’s serotonin and dopamine receptors could assist with these issues.

You may feel more willing to engage with others by improving your demeanor or even seem more approachable to strangers. These social interactions can do wonders for mental health.


Kratom reportedly assists with mental clarity and focus. The alkaloids it contains may improve brain function. Users report that the stimulating effects make it easier to concentrate.

This effect is only applicable for moderate doses. Larger quantities of the herb can be sedative.

Sexual Enhancement

Anecdotal research shows that there might be a link between the plant and more fulfilling intimacy for men. Like how smoking weed affects sex, kratom has conflicting data about the topic.

Does kratom make you last longer?

According to some users, it does. The improved stamina, mental clarity, and mood-enhancing properties all play a role in giving your love life a boost.

Kratom also has a reputation for affecting sensitivity in intimate regions. It reduces the intensity of the sensations, allowing you to enjoy mind-blowing intimacy for longer than usual. Men are also less likely to ejaculate prematurely.

Brewing the Perfect Cup

Have these benefits made you curious about the drink? If you’re thinking about brewing kratom tea, it’s a simple recipe. The beverage is quite bitter, so use these tips to adjust the taste and potency:

  • Don’t boil it: The kratom tree is related to coffee plants, so you also shouldn’t simmer its foliage directly. Heat the water, then pour it over the leaves just before the liquid reaches boiling point.
  • Add some acid: The alkaloids in kratom may degenerate if you expose them to heat for long periods. Prevent this by adding some acidity to your tea. A spoonful of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar should do the trick.
  • Be flavorful: On its own, kratom is bitter. That doesn’t mean you have to consume it under duress. There are plenty of creative ways to spruce up the taste. Add sweeteners like honey, agave juice, or sugar, or incorporate ginger, citrus zest, or cinnabar into the steeping pot.
  • Vigorous stirring: When using kratom power, it may be challenging to get it all to dissolve. Stir the blend vigorously to avoid it making lumps. Some users opt for a whisk to complete the task easier.
  • Water it down: Add more water if the taste is too strong. It’s best to drink it all to receive the same effects as the undiluted version.
  • Strain and dose: Select the cultivar you prefer based on your desired effects. Be sure to use the correct dosage. Start with smaller quantities and slowly increase them until you’re comfortable with the outcome.

Spilling the Tea

The link between kratom and sex still needs further study, but research suggests that the herb may be beneficial.

Traditional healers have used the plant as a remedy for hundreds of years, and in some cultures, kratom is holistic medicine. It reportedly impacts mental and physical health while boosting energy and improving intimacy in the bedroom.

Kratom tea is unique from other medications, and although it’s not mainstream, it may be helpful.

Why not try a cup of freshly brewed kratom tea to experience the effects?