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How To Find High-Class Escorts Near You

Hiring escorts often gets a bad rap. People who are unaware of the escort service industry would automatically have the misconception that escort service is about paying people for sex. In reality, there are more potential benefits to hiring escorts other than their sex services.

As per research, around 9.5% of male respondents have reported working with professional escorts in the industry. There are different reasons and motives why some people hire escorts. Some would hire them to help fulfill their sexual fantasies. Meanwhile, others look for escorts to provide them companionship, especially when they’re going on a business trip, traveling solo to a new city, or they simply want to have a date and go to dinner with no strings attached.

High-class escorts vs. cheap escorts 

To ensure you get the best experience from the escort’s services, it’s important that you hire high class escorts. Although hiring cheap escorts means they’re much more affordable, they also tend to provide limited services, usually only focusing on sex. On the other hand, high-class escorts will not only fulfill your sexual desires or fantasies, but they’re also molded to become sophisticated, presentable, and top-class models whom you can take to formal events, business trips, and fancy dinners.

Furthermore, high class escorts are affiliated with reputable agencies like Lollipop Escorts and other verified escort agencies, guaranteeing you get your money’s worth. In contrast, cheap escorts often work independently, and you may find them in brothels or on the streets, calling for customers.

Steps to finding high-class escorts 

Now that you know what kind of escorts to look for, your next question perhaps is, ‘Where can you find them?’ It’s easy to find cheap escorts everywhere, but finding high-class escorts may take some time and thorough research. Read on to learn how can find high-class escorts near you.

  1. Search for reputable escort service websites online

You can find numerous escort sites online, especially since most escort agencies are creating websites to boost their visibility and reach a broader market. You can start your search by typing ‘high-class escorts near me,’ or you can be more specific by typing your exact location or state.

Once you’ve found a few escort service websites, check each site individually and look for customer reviews. If most of the feedback is generally positive, their escorts are highly commendable.

Another thing to look out for when searching for an escort service agency is their credibility. See if they have licenses and valid work certificates. Ultimately, you can tell that an escort service agency provides high class escorts through their customer reviews and how credible they present their brand online.

  1. Browse local magazines or ads about escort services

One more good source for finding high-class escorts is local ads and magazines. Escort agencies often market their escorts and services in explicit magazines and ads, especially if they don’t have a website yet. So, seek out these agencies and add them to your list of potential escort services.

  1. Set your budget

While you probably have a handful of escort agencies on your list, you can narrow them down based on your budget. Since you’re aiming to hire high-class escorts, expect they’ll be costlier than the escorts you see on brothels or the streets, whose services generally cost USD$40 to USD$100 only.

Still, some agencies may be much more expensive than others, so you can take that into account when choosing your escort. So, determine first how much you’re willing to pay before you finalize your decision. Keep in mind that the prices of each agency may differ due to several factors.

For example, choosing an escort agency far from your location may cost you more, as you’ll have to pay for the escort’s transportation or you need to spend for your travel. The number of hours you’ll spend with the escort will also affect the agency’s price.

Most importantly, the type of service you’re planning to avail of can impact the overall price as well. For instance, a one-hour sex fling may cost USD$500, while hiring an escort for the whole night may cost up to USD$5,000 a night.

Once you’ve assessed all the rates from the different escort agencies, you can choose which escort agency you wish to get your escort. An additional tip: Consider including the escort tip in your budget.

  1. Get to know your escort online before booking an appointment

Thankfully, today, it’s easier to select an escort since agencies share their escorts’ pictures and profiles on their website for their clients to see and choose. You can check each one, view their photos, and read their profile descriptions and reviews.

Besides choosing your escort based on their physical features, read about their personalities, characteristics, or interests. For instance, if you’re hiring an escort to take you to a business party, you may look for an escort with an outgoing and vivacious personality. Or if you’re attending a sports event, you may prefer an escort who is sporty or at least has a basic idea about the sports you’re attending. Remember, the personality and character of your chosen escort can make or break your escort experience.

  1. Make an appointment

After you’ve found the best escort for your needs, you may reach out to them through their preferred communication tool (e.g., chat, call, email). During your initial communication, inform your escort of your expectations and the services you wish to avail of. If your chosen escort is comfortable with your requests and agrees to all the logistics, you can discuss the time, date, and meeting place.

Wrapping up

Hiring a high-class escort is the key to spending an enjoyable time with the escort of your dreams. Whether you need an escort to fulfill your sexual fantasies, accompany you to special events, or listen to you over a fancy dinner date, a high-class escort will pamper you with their services and undivided attention and make sure you have the best and most memorable time with them.