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Top 3 Most Popular Games at Cruise Ship Casinos

Cruise ships have been more popular across the globe because they provide passengers with a chance to get away from their daily routines and relax while offering  real money gambling where passengers may try their luck. The popularity of these games has led to their inclusion in the services of several cruise lines, casinos, and gaming firms.

Even though you’d rather visit a gaming house in the UK, Macau, or Las Vegas, casino ships provide many advantages over traditional dollar deposit casinos. First, the minimum bets on gaming on cruises are pretty cheap, to begin with. This greatly appeals to low-stakes and casual gamblers and encourages more visitors to play games.

To be included among the best, a cruise ship has to provide much more than the norm in terms of games, no deposit bonus, payouts, hours of operation, and other distinguishing features or services. While you’re welcome to have a good time while on board, do know that certain UK cruise ships have a no-smoking policy. Here you’ll find a comprehensive guide to gambling on ships alongside the three most popular games in a casino ship.

Top Three Cruise Casino Games

Cruise ship casino games vary by ship. They include:

  • Three Card Poker
  • Poker Texas Hold’Em
  • Baccarat
  • Big Wheel
  • Slot Machines
  • Roulette
  • Craps
  • Video Poker
  • Blackjack

Slots Machines

The slot machines aboard cruise ships are the most played games. As far as we know, this was the first game experience offered to cruise ship guests. The odds of winning on mobile slots are excellent due to random number generators. Although slot machines may be found in land-based casinos, it is not uncommon for them to be seen on the decks of a cruise liner.

Similarly, the International Council of Cruise Lines mandates that all slot machines on cruise ships adhere to the same payback and internal software regulations as the Nevada Gaming Control Board or another licensed state. Some of these outlets have been credited with being one of the best payout online casino platforms for the respective games.

Cruise ship slot machines are more restrictive than those in land-based casinos like Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Although no one except the cruise companies themselves is privy to the precise payout percentages, you shouldn’t expect them to be so generous with their casino bonus offers.


Wagering real money on a single number or specific numbers in roulette is necessary to play and enjoy the game. When the ball lands in a pocket you bet on, you will receive your reward as it travels along the “small wheel” track and spins until it does.

Table games like roulette have developed over time to become mainstays aboard modern cruise liners. For example, roulette, which was once relatively simple, now requires a fair amount of strategy, although still being pretty easy to learn and play while you have access to a no deposit bonus. Not only that but there’s also the sophistication of roulette, with its felt-covered tables and shiny wheels.

Now there are variations of roulette tables, such as European roulette, which is prevalent in the UK, and American roulette. In essence, roulette wasn’t precisely a glittering success in its early stages. These games didn’t immediately become popular because they were created with the perfect recipe of mechanics. They’ve had decades to develop and gain a following, so now passengers on cruise ships and tourists alike can’t get enough of them.

A European roulette chart

Bet typeWinning number

1 to 18




1st 12




Red (R)




2nd 12


Black (B)






3rd 12


19 to 36

2 to 12 to 12 to 1



Blackjack is a lot of fun to play aboard cruise ships, and the winnings may be substantial. The games and payouts vary, and players may locate table minimums that work with their budgets. The best online casino on the cruise ship will include at least one unique table where high rollers may increase bets.

Many cruise lines provide a rewards program as an incentive to participate in the ship’s gaming establishment. Like a land-based casino’s loyalty program, this one lets you rack up points in exchange for free play or even onboard credits. Those expecting a high level of competitiveness may be surprised by the lack of skill and experience among their fellow blackjack players aboard cruise ships.

Bankroll Management

Low-stakes gamblers will find a comfortable environment aboard a cruise liner. The modest table stakes mean that even novice players can afford a good time. Like any casino, they offer free spins and free slot games (and if you’re feeling flush, you may play the higher stakes games, which often go up to a dollar). Typically, the lowest table game minimum bets start at $5.

Considering the demographics of cruise-goers, it makes sense to target them in this way. Unlike land-based casinos, where millions of people are within a day’s drive, just a few thousand individuals will be on this trip. However, the minimum bet at several table games through online slots, which was formerly at $5, has been increased to $10.

Chances of Hitting the Jackpot

Ship casinos are like miniature versions of the ones in Las Vegas. Indeed, several vessels have partnerships with land-based casino giants like Caesar’s to manage their onboard gaming establishments. This means that the odds at UK casinos are pretty similar to those in the casinos found on cruise ships.

The odds are constantly in your favour, but remember that the house (or ship) always has the upper hand. Having a good time is the cruise’s primary goal. Including a casino aboard a cruise ship is an attempt to encourage more economic activity among the paying passengers. So, while visiting the best online casino in the UK on the ship, keep your expectations realistic.

In general, these gambling establishments cater to inexperienced gamblers. The stakes are usually not very high, so it won’t be a surprise to see some of the platforms offering a no deposit bonus to attract new players. However, some larger cruise ships in the UK sometimes include a special section for high rollers.

How to Choose the Best Casino Ship

You may use the internet to get information on the top cruise ship to help you make your decision through legitimate sites like slotozilla.com/uk/, which offer unbiased casino reviews and links players to other veritable betting platforms.

These are the three main factors that will lead to a good casino ship:

  • The location. Select a ship with a seaside location and a view you’ll like. Feeling more at ease is the result of this. Increased odds of success are also yours to enjoy.
  • There are two primary factors to think about while evaluating quality. A tidy and well-kept cruise ship is the first thing to look for. Second, check out what the ship offers in terms of amenities. If too many individuals are on the cruise ship, services rendered to those already there will likely be poor. As you are advised to play with only the best online casino, the quality counts with cruise ship gaming.
  • Variety of games. Find a cruise that has the most exciting gaming opportunities. If you’re looking for a place to gamble real money, you should choose a cruise ship with slot machines, live games, and other gambling features.

Cruise Ship Gaming Perks

There are the following gaming perks available on cruise ships:

  • Loyalty p There are loyalty schemes aboard a cruise ship. You may use the points you earn from playing toward complimentary beverages, reduced bar tabs, or even future cruise expenses. Your accommodation keycard will double as your casino loyalty card, allowing you to keep tabs on your winnings and expenditures.
  • Smoking. Smoking is prohibited in most public areas of the ship but is permitted in gaming establishments. The “smoke” odour isn’t offensive most of the time. The casino isn’t known for producing cigarette smoke, so you won’t stink when you leave. Smaller gambling spaces on board make it more difficult for those with respiratory sensitivities to find a smoke-free zone. A lack of available machines may leave you unable to play if you were seated next to someone smoking at a slot machine.
  • Cruises are a fantastic opportunity to take up that long-desired hobby or master that skill you’ve always wanted. You may usually take advantage of free gaming lessons offered by casinos. A dealer will brief you on the game’s mechanics and teach you the ropes. One of the best parts is that studying it won’t cost you a dime. Mornings are the most common time for classes to take place when at sea. Timetables may be found in your daily cruise schedule.

Legal Regulations of Casino Cruise Ships

A few jurisdictions don’t have a minimum age for casino gambling, but in general, 21 is the minimum age for gambling at a casino in the UK. When sailing on international seas, the legal gambling age is 18. If you’ve always wanted to gamble but aren’t quite old enough to visit Las Vegas, a cruise ship could be the next best thing. It’s important to note that the minimum age may be raised to 21 for UK citizens embarking on cruises.

All forms of real money casino gaming are subject to the regulations of the location where the ship is registered. Therefore, there is a clear rule: the casino is only open while the ship is at sea. The casino will be closed on the day of your embarkation; however, you are welcome to visit and look around. It won’t be available until after the ship has left port that night.

Furthermore, the gambling platforms are closed while the ship is moored but open for business after the cruise ship leaves the port country’s territorial waters. On sea days, the casino will be open around the clock. Remember that the table games may not be operated at all times, so plan accordingly if you wish to play at odd hours, such as early in the morning on a sea day.

Some other tips to consider the following:

  • Always keep a stash of $1 bills for tipping.
  • Take Bingo seriously; sounds silly, but you could win some cool cash.
  • To get freebies to engage in onboard game shows.
  • Be careful what you do because sound travels easily between cabins.
  • Endeavour to get vaccinated before sailing; the virus spreads easily on ships.


In many ways, a cruise ship is like a floating hotel. As with any visit to a five-star hotel, time spent on board may be suitable for relaxing and living in style. For those looking to unwind and take in the sights, a cruise is a perfect way to spend some time at sea. You’ll never have a dull moment between the games and chatting with fellow vacationers. Enjoy great gaming while cruising!