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Is It Safe to Vape Delta 9 Just After Drinking Beer?

The craze for cannabis-based products has grown very much in recent years. Plenty of people use products such as cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to treat different ailments. Due to its non-psychotic nature, CBD is legal in most parts. However, the rules are a little bit tricky for THC.

There are different THC forms available in the cannabis plant, and the most common form of THC is known as delta 9 THC. The US laws limit the level of THC in any product to 0.3%. Due to this, THC products come mixed with products such as CBD in most places. Or in some cases, with other types of THC such as delta-8 THC. So, while products like CBD are entirely safe for use, the same can’t be said about THC. Many people like to smoke or Delta 9 vape while drinking alcohol.

However, THC may also interfere with some drugs and substances when taken together. Each type of alcoholic beverage has different quantities of alcohol, i.e., a different category of alcoholic beverage has different concentrations of alcohol.

Take beer, for example, and this beverage is one of the oldest types of alcoholic beverage. Beer has been in use for thousands of years, and people believe it is among one of the first inventions after the agricultural revolution. It is the by-product of the fermentation of grains into alcohol. Typically, beer contains 5% alcohol by volume. So, let’s see what would happen if someone crossfades, i.e., vape delta 9 just after drinking beer.

Should You Vape Delta 9 After Drinking Beer?

Though occasional vaping of delta 9 after drinking beer probably won’t lead to significant health problems. However, there are various factors to consider for a safe experience. Even which one you use first also matters, and if you get a little sloppy, your fun night could become nauseated.

When alcohol is mixed with any other substance, the effect of alcohol remains more prolonged than usual in the body. It is because alcohol is first metabolized in the liver, and the liver gives priority to alcohol metabolism over any other substance taken at the same time.

Typically, the human liver metabolizes approx 1 ounce of pure alcohol per hour. So, until the liver metabolizes all of the alcohol, the concentration of all other substances remains unchanged.

However, Delta 9 THC first goes to the lung’s surface instead of the liver during vaping. And from the lung’s surface, the delta 9 vape content gets mixed into the bloodstream. So, if a person takes delta 9 THC with beer together, the THC would remain until the alcohol gets almost metabolized.

Moreover, drinking alcohol after vaping THC can increase the effect of delta-9. It is because alcohol intensifies the absorption of delta-9, thus increasing the ‘high.’ While it would be great for some people, it can cause problems for most folks. The unpleasant symptoms caused due to an overwhelmingly high are:

  • Sweating
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea

If we break down the available research on ‘how our body absorbs THC,’ we see that the quantity of alcohol doesn’t matter much. In other words, you may not need much alcohol to change how your body reacts to THC. According to a 2015 study, 19 test subjects were given either a placebo or a small amount of alcohol to drink. After 10 minutes, the subjects vaped either a low or high dose of delta 9.

The researchers found a substantially higher level of THC in subjects who drank alcohol than in placebo. However, the levels were roughly the same for both groups with low and high quantities of THC.

What would happen if you vape delta 9 just after drinking beer?

Now, as we know, the reactions between alcohol and delta 9. Though not medicinal, vaping delta 9 with or after alcohol has many recreational benefits. Let’s see how it affects our bodies. As mentioned earlier, when we vape THC after drinking alcohol, the effects of THC vape increase manifold, the increase in effect means we may feel an intense high, and who doesn’t love being fully relaxed after a stressful day?

Beer takes some time to reach the bloodstream as it first gets metabolized in the liver. However, vaping delta 9 enters directly into the bloodstream through the lung’s surface. And by the time alcohol shows its effects, delta 9 establishes itself quite well into the system.

As both substances have similar properties and action spectrum, they boost each other’s effect. Due to this, seasoned delta 9 vape users and beer drinkers often use these two products together. Using these products in low to moderate amounts together may help in reducing stress and anxiety.

Apart from this, vaping after drinking also produces a sense of euphoria and calmness. This is particularly helpful for people associated with high-stress jobs. Besides, it may also help people struggling with sleep due to insomnia or any other stress disorder.

Beer is also quite beneficial for heart health. While an excess of anything is bad for health, your body can also benefit from it in a limited amount. Because beer is produced from fermented grains, it is an excellent source of minerals such as Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium. So, no one can deny that these two substances have many health benefits. And taking them together or one after the other could also help in many situations.

Research suggests that vaping THC and delta 8 helps with post-traumatic stress disorder. Moreover, it also has neuroprotective antioxidants that can protect you from many neurodegenerative diseases. These antioxidants have the potential to protect you from certain types of cancers.

Lastly, the use of alcohol with delta 9 is not much of choice, the alcohol content in beer is relatively more minor. Due to this, it doesn’t carry any significant risk. However, even beer may be quite intoxicating for new users in high amounts. Moreover, the delta 9 market is still in its maturation phase, and there isn’t much research on the action spectrum of delta 9 with alcohol. So it would be better to proceed with caution when vaping delta 9 with alcoholic beverages like beer.