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How to build an educational app

Today’s technology is a great complement to learning. In this way, you can improve the quality of information and make it more accessible to a wide range of people. If the decision to build an educational app is a business idea, then you will be able to attract more users. You have a lot of room for imagination — you can implement a project for any educational institution or profile educational program.

You have a lot of unique opportunities in front of you. You can bring even your most ambitious ideas to life. And it doesn’t matter who you are targeting with your project — schools, institutions of higher education, or private educational programs. Learning with a mobile app demonstrates a high level of efficiency for many reasons:

  • You can integrate multiple methods and educational courses into one application. The student no longer has to carry around many textbooks to access the materials. The main thing is, before you build an educational app, think of everything so that the student is really comfortable.
  • If you decide to build an educational app, you can enable students to save money. Add all kinds of explanations to your product, use audio and video content; integrate all kinds of gamification elements, and enhance the quality of learning.
  • Check your results. With automatically collected statistics, you can check the quality of your progress. Use control tests to check how well the lesson was learned. Many all kinds of tools will enable you to build an educational app that will help you achieve any of your goals.
  • Interactive interaction with students. Even the most complex topics can be explained with the help of interactive presentation of learning materials. Direct participation provided by a learning game will make it possible to talk about many complex topics in an easy and accessible way.
  • Adaptation to the modern rhythm and lifestyle of a person. It’s convenient to be able to study anywhere and anytime you want. With this flexibility, new opportunities for education open up.
  • Extensive opportunities to make money from the project. The decision to build an educational app will make good business sense. Modern users prefer not to lose opportunities to learn. You can use it to make money.
  • Such apps will be a good investment not only from a financial point of view. Remember that with your product you bring real value.

It doesn’t matter where the ready-made platform will be used — at school, higher education institution, or in your own company for staff training. Structured and well-presented information with interactive elements will provide the deepest immersion in mastering educational materials. That is, the benefit of such a product will be difficult to overestimate in any case.

What features a successful application should have

Aim to build an educational app that will be successful? Then decide on the key goals. Then it will be obvious which functionality to focus on. All such apps have something in common. Below is a list of important options to add to the final product:

  • A page that will store all learning results;
  • Personal statistics;
  • Support for photo, audio, and video content;
  • all kinds of ways to interact with other users of the platform;
  • Assessments and testing;
  • Several approaches to audience monetization;
  • cataloged educational materials so that everyone can quickly find what they’re looking for;
  • answers to the most popular questions — something like an FAQ section;
  • Chat with the teacher, if the project involves a teacher.

Each application is a unique feature, which determines the speed of implementation of the idea and the final cost of development.

Build an educational app: what opportunities can be implemented for an educational institution?

Institutional solutions have little in common with commercial projects. It should be an assistant who, at some point, can even replace the teacher. The main tasks are:

  • Access to additional information, often in an interactive form;
  • quick contact with the teacher, which positively affects the quality of education;
  • Realization of the concept of community, for which all participants are responsible;
  • Assessment and control of the learning material through tests;
  • Application of progressive educational methods to involve all students in the learning process.

Why build an educational app? This is an opportunity to erase the boundaries between students and the educational institution, creating a tool for direct contact and productive work. Track performance, make learning truly engaging and accessible; update your knowledge base in real-time, and more.

How to build an educational app?

There are basic steps that allow you to effectively form tasks and build an educational app.

  • The idea. The first step — you choose a contractor to implement your idea. While discussing the work plan with the developers you work through the concept.
  • Before you start applying, you need to analyze the market and look at your competitors.
  • After that a prototype is developed, which helps you work out the terms of reference, consider all your wishes, and minimize mistakes.
  • Design and technical development.
  • Testing and launching the project.

There are many successful projects that have managed to become world-famous. One of the most famous and significant in the whole world is TED. This is a unique platform with a huge number of lectures on any subject, which are translated into a wide variety of languages.

How much time should I spend building an educational app?

No one will tell you the exact terms of the project implementation before they see the clearly formed and detailed elaborated terms of reference. The minimum period is usually 2 months. You can start with this.

How much will it cost to build an educational app?

The situation is the same as with the development timeline. Many factors must be considered. It is impossible to name the exact cost of an application before the developer sees the list of tasks. It is important to consider the stack of technologies used, functions implemented, the amount of load on the platform, and many other factors.

The key to success in this case — is a responsible approach to the main task and try not to save money. Or at least optimize your budget wisely.